Sinful Sunday Week #3 Results

Wow! What an amazing turnout yesterday! There were so many fantastic entries, Rafe had trouble deciding! For the first time, we’ve got runner ups and honorable mentions!

Judge Rafe said:

The across-the-board level of quality here didn’t make it easy…..


Honorable Mention: Ginger Green, for capturing the subtle difference between art and porn in the eye of the audience. The frission of dissatisfaction between what our mind conjures and what others envision is a tricky and troublesome thing as an artist. (Also, this is the best opportunity for me to ask, “Does the dude look like a young Sean Penn to anyone else?”)


Runner-Up 2: Sarah Aisling. The peepshow twist was unexpected, and I liked the shift in dynamic among the players to ratchet up the heat.


Runner-Up 1: Siobhan Muir. I’ve had nights like that. They were lovely.


Winner: Jeffrey Hollar. Captures the power and balance of who may be using whom elegantly, and the pure, gorgeous sass of “Nice ride, caballero” startled a laugh or grin out of me every time I read it. If it wasn’t for that line, I’d still be trying to pick from about five superb contenders.

Thanks so much to all the participants, and the winner should now grab his badge! Let’s all spread the word congratulating our finalists and winners, and I’ll see you next week!



  1. Ginger Green (@Gingerandgreen) says:

    Thank you, Rafe! And yes – that boy is absolutely channeling Sean Penn’s early years.

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