Sinful Sunday Week # 32 Results

The results are in! Here’s what judge BellaScotia had to say:

With so many great entries that made good use of both prompts, it wasn’t easy to choose. The erotic aspect is obviously important but I’ve chosen entries which spoke to me on another emotional level too. It was an honour to be invited to judge this week, even though I’m not sure I’m qualified to ‘judge’ such quality writing. Thank you.


Honorable Mentions:


Dooba – This one was lovely. The idea of fantasizing about the one we love and get to be with is appealing in the extreme. Great twist on the masturbation aspect. It was refreshing to read about a woman masturbating with thoughts of her partner and then having the sweet pay off of him stepping into the shower with her in the end *sigh* a nice little reminder to appreciate what we have instead of coveting what we don’t. Thought provoking, multi-layered writing.


ShariSlade – This entry tugged at my heart strings. I think it’s open to interpretation, but for me it spoke of the longing for passion lost.  “Reality turned masturbation candy” was so sad. It still maintained erotic undertones but, like I said earlier, I like a large dose of human emotion too. Beautifully written.




Aleea – This was a nice take on the prompt. In two hundred words there was so much story. I was able to see beyond what was written and imagine the unrequited desire that burdened the narrator. The longing for the man who had just been in the shower and the desperation for him to discover her little secret came through loud and clear. There was also the subtle hint of hope when she muses, “I think he would.” Brilliant.




SheViking– This entry encapsulated the masturbation aspect for me, and was a great use of the prompts. Strong writing conveyed the shock of being aroused by things  we feel should repel us. I like how she evoked the sentiment of being disturbed by our body’s response to unexpected desires: “This isn’t me.” The ‘teary-eyed aftermath’ of feeling like you just discovered a part of yourself that can never be fulfilled, also spoke to me. To convey intensely personal emotions in two hundred words is true skill. I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. But it was also kinda hot Astoundingly evocative.

The winners may now grab their badges! The first time players can also snag the Virgin award below. Thanks so much for participating, and see you all next Sunday!



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