Sinful Sunday Week # 33 Results

The results are in! Here’s what judge Sheviking had to say:

I had a really hard time choosing a winner, because the entries were all so unique. Everyone did a great job with the prompts. In the end, I chose the ones that I wished were much longer than 200 words. The ones whose characters I would want to read a whole novel length story about. 🙂


Honorable mention: AnnaLund2011


This was a great little story. I loved the fact that it was between two boys. Usually, I am not a slash fan, but I liked the boldness of the writer in choosing a pairing that’s different than the rest. Kudos!


Runner up: Doobawrites


Okay, this one really intrigued me! Who’s the girl, and, who the heck is the man deflowering her? A king? A barbarian invader? Her new husband? This is definitely a historical piece and I am a complete sucker for those. I want to know more! There’s foundation for a whole story right here. *Hint hint*


Winner: Sharislade


I loved this one. It was exactly the kind of story I was hoping for when I chose the prompt, young love and romance. The picture fit perfectly and I adored the little heart he drew on her thigh. Adding so much information about the two characters in so little space takes true talent. I found myself wishing that this story would continue, so I could read about how they got together in the first place, because I get the sense that they are very different people. And, of course, I would want to actually experience the narrator deflowering sweet, geeky David.

The winners may now grab their badges! The first time players can also snag the Virgin award below. Thanks so much for participating, and see you all next Sunday!



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