Sinful Sunday Week # 36

Welcome back to Sinful Sunday! This week’s judge is last week’s runner up, Domysticated!

Sinful Sunday #flashfiction week 36 judge


Domysticated lives somewhere in Europe, where she tries to hold down a serious and rather dull job while keeping her family clothed, fed and reasonably well-behaved. A voracious and passionate reader, her head is always full of stories which occasionally find their way to paper in the form of (you know it!) Twilight fanfiction. She’s really excited to be a judge and can’t wait to be blown away by your amazing words!

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The photo prompt is meant for inspiration, but you must use both prompts in some way. Have fun with it, and synonyms are accepted! (If you use a word other than the synonyms listed, please include that information after your entry.) The word minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!

Word Prompt:  


1. A cavity, gap, or space: a hollow behind a wall.
2. An indented or concave surface or area.
3. A void; an emptiness: a hollow in one’s life.
4. A small valley between mountains.


Photo Prompt:  

(There are two today-neither the judge nor I could decide on which one to use!)

Sinful Sunday #flashfiction Week 36 prompt 1 Sinful Sunday #flashfiction week 36 prompt 2

Disclaimer: The author does not claim to have taken any of the photographs used as prompts. All imagery was found in the public domain via Tumblr.

Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in!


  1. thimbles says:

    I pull her closer, my fingernails digging into her skin, marking her back with reddened crescents.

    “It’s okay,” she tells me, her voice a murmur. “We’ll be okay.”

    Hollow words. I don’t believe them and neither does she.

    Even with my fingers distorting the silk of her skin, with my arms around her tight enough to bruise, with my nose buried in her hair, with her perfume filling my nostrils, and the taste of her skin on my lips, I’m losing her.

    Even as I push her back onto the bed, she’s fading from my life. She’d deny it, but I can feel it.

    Even as I move inside her, our bodies as close as they’re physically able, there’s an insurmountable distance between us. Miles and miles compacted into the few inches that separate our heartbeats.

    She shatters beneath me, my name on her lips, and I’ve never felt farther away.

    My body pushes me toward release. Trying to fight the building tension in my belly is like trying to hold back the tide.

    I’m washed up on the shore of bliss, gasping for breath, knowing we’ve said our last goodbye.

    191 words

  2. @MiamiTrue
    200 words

    I awaken with the knowledge that this is our last day together, more like hours really as my flight home is approaching quickly. We lay spooning each other and I can tell by your breathing that you’re awake too. We both don’t move, neither willing to break the connection. It’s been such a good visit.

    Your hand begins to explore my willing body, I turn to you slowly, there are no words necessary, our kisses and moans speak a language of their own. Your hot mouth blazes a trail down my quivering body, but I’m far from cold, your tongue is like liquid fire as you ignite my senses.

    I too begin to explore you with my mouth, with every lick of your skin I drink in your salty essence, I want to commit you to memory, recall every detail of our time together. Your moans are music to my ears, telling me what you are unable to say in words.

    We’ve made each other no promises, but this week has shown us what could be, the hollow of our lives temporarily forgotten. You push deep inside me, your fingers clawing at my back, holding me for the last time?

  3. Afterwards, after the shy looks, the direct looks, the dancing, the cab ride, the frenzied stripping and the hours of fingernails and lips and tongues and flesh and heat and teeth, after all that, you were quiet. Still.

    Not at peace, precisely. No, not remotely peaceful. You were immobile, paralyzed, in wakeful catatonia.

    You’d have screamed if you could. Some had, but not many, and not long.

    I leaned in close, my breath hot on your cooling skin, and drank you in, languidly, luxuriantly, inexorably.

    Your shell, a discarded husk, lies on the bed. Hollowed out, not yet dessiccated, but soon enough it will fall to dust, abandoned.

    You were delicious.


  4. AnnaLund2011 says:


    Light takes over the short summer night, come and gone in a flash. I finally see you clearly; all that you tried to hide last night is written in your smile, in the tattooed story lines on your skin, in the hollow and haunted look in your eyes, in the leather that covers your scars.

    Your movements have stopped, but I am more surrounded by you than by any other. You have taken me in, swallowed me whole, and I am drowning, drowning. Just right, just so, absolutely perfect, harsh and soft, everything is a vision of completion.

    This is not your element, not your place, not your time. And even if everything feels positively wrecking, I know I need to get up and walk away. I’m not even sure that I will be able to look you in the eye when I say goodbye.

    So I hide in your embrace, I steal a little more time with you. I make believe, I make love, just this one more time, just to feel the power of life filling my soul.

    You hang on to me as if there were a tomorrow.

    I hang on to you knowing there is none.


    Word count: 200, on the nose
    Twitter handle: @AnnaLund2011

  5. melfin80 says:

    Even though I’m enveloped in your arms, I still feel the hollow feeling inside. The embrace that was my refuge, my peace, now makes my heart fracture with pain.

    I have no doubt your apologies are sincere; they do nothing to fill the hole inside my chest.

    How could you? Was I not enough?

    Your fingers dig into the skin of my back; I feel a lump of nausea rise in my throat as I think back to where I last saw those fingers…inside another. My heart rips a little more. I pull away and curl up into a ball beside you. As you body curves around mine, I wonder how I can feel so alone with your body curled around me.

    This gap between seems insurmountable.

    My mind is filled with questions I can’t answer today, with the wound of betrayal so open. I close my eyes as fresh tears begin to fall & quietly cry myself to sleep hoping tomorrow lessens the pain.

    word count: 165

  6. She lay curled up on her side, covering her head with her arms while she wept.

    He could do little for her but curl around her, offering her the physical contact that proved she was no longer alone – and proved it to himself as well.

    Neither one of them had known when they met last night that the connection they forged through the evening and seared into their bodies that night would break down the walls that protected their inner selves.

    When they were finally satiated and the clear light of morning played along the smooth lines of their bodies, they had seen it, deep within the others’ eyes. The hollow spaces within them had suddenly, gloriously, been filled with emotions both had denied within themselves for too long.

    But with that knowledge came a howling pain that gripped them both.

    What if this, too, was a sham as it had been so many times before? Could they ever again return to that safe space of emptiness?

    More alarming, how much of their lives had been spent in emptiness masquerading as protection?

    All he could do was hold her and cry softly into her shoulder as she sobbed.

    199 words (finally made it!)

  7. Gingerandgreen says:

    The 1st line came out of the Troposphere, and suddenly it was a poem – oops:


    She lies in the hollow of my being.
    Radiation burns at a preordained
    Genetic frequency from naked skin
    To naked skin; and I don’t know whether
    The song I hear is meant to be my future
    Intertwined with hers, or whether angels’
    Dancing indignation at our guilty
    Joy will limit our intentions. But where
    She grips my solid form, indentations
    Pool with determined elasticity;
    No permanent tattoo would mark me as
    Decisively as her will. She wants with
    More passion than a starving fiend
    Unleashed from a leaden coffin on the
    Darkest moonbeam; and I, a desperate
    Intern of victimhood, I expose my
    Throat to her razor-sharp desire with all
    The hope of a lamb. She drinks my bitter
    Future; I sustain myself on sweeter
    Lust, filling the minutes that accrue too
    Swiftly with the wordless sound of lovers.
    Perhaps, before the sun destroys our brief
    Fantasy, I will give her my rib; and
    She will fashion it into a story
    Made of knots and needles and the spaces
    In-between. Or is she already my
    Juliet, and will our deaths assuage the
    Gods, truculent with infinity? My
    body doesn’t care about the answer.
    My being shelters in her sweet hollow.

    200 words precisely by @Gingerandgreen

  8. She knew she was going to have to tell him, eventually. But not yet. Not today.

    For now, she would pretend he wasn’t holding her with the same desperation as she. That his fingers were gripping her so hard that she felt the soft skin of her back give way to the pressure. She would have marks there in the morning.

    She didn’t care.

    She felt his touch, his knowing hands finding all the places that made her sigh and then shatter.

    As she rested her head against his shoulder she tried not to cry.


    Tonight was not for thinking, he thought. Tonight would be only to feel. He made love to her as if it were both the first time and the last, making sure she came apart under his touch.

    He loved the way she moaned and then smiled as she cradled him between her thighs. They always fit together so perfectly.

    Afterward, he spooned her, wrapping his body around hers in a warm embrace.

    He knew what she wasn’t telling him.

    He wasn’t stupid.

    The cancer was back, and it was winning.

    He pressed closer, trying and failing to ignore the hollow he knew they both felt.

    200 words
    Unexpectedly sad from @doobawrites

  9. Elle T. says:

    Monsters live inside me.

    Addiction consumes me and I can’t do anything to stop it.

    She tries to help. And in a way, she does. But she can’t save me.

    I know she won’t.

    Someday, somehow, I’ll be able to let her go. She’ll forget me and she will move on.

    I’ll be a memory, a crack in her heart. She’ll think of me, and my lost eyes and she’ll sigh.

    She’ll wonder if I’m doing okay, because she’s a good person. She’ll be brought out of her thoughts by the touch of another. By the touch of someone deserving of her.

    In the meantime, I clutch her to me. I dig my nails deep in her skin, while she wraps her arms around my neck. I’m inside her, but I don’t move.

    She takes a deep breath, and plays with my hair. She understands. She always does.

    I grip her tighter. Maybe she can fill the hole inside me.

    Maybe, if I hold her hard enough, I won’t be so hollow anymore.

    Maybe, I won’t have to let her go.

    181 words.-

  10. My sad, sad girl
    So hollow and still,
    Gripping tight to my neck
    As I pull you closer,
    Let you feel.

    I’ve told you of your beauty,
    I’ve raved of your grace,
    A million times over
    And yet it never sinks into place.

    Watching in the mirror,
    I notice my ring,
    That thing of elation
    Of things left unseen.

    From the first time I saw you,
    I knew you by heart.
    And when forever was promised,
    We swore never to part.

    And yet you are going,
    Soon you’ll walk out the door,
    But for now let me hold you
    My lover, once more.

    A poem for once, words: 103

  11. “Hold me. Touch me. Keep me tethered.” I am reaching for him, weak in this ache and need. Flickering, insubstantial, on the edges of what was once my life. My breath a chill echo against his neck as he folds the loose threads of me into the hollow of his body. The empty space I used to fill.

    He is goosebumps and salt and sorrow.

    “Please. Please. Please.” He’s been saying it since last night, when I twitched and shattered, slick against a pleasure so sharp I had to claw the mattress.

    “It wasn’t your fault, it was just starlight—I saw every could’ve been and never was, your hand always, always in mine—then darkness.” But, he can’t really hear me. He rocks and clutches, curling himself around a memory, my body like a stone. He doesn’t know what I know. That our love was perfect, would’ve stayed perfect, will always be perfect.

    “Don’t leave.” He anchors me where I do not belong.

    I am guilt and shame. I could starve him, locked in this embrace forever. He’d dry up, drift with me to where ever I’m supposed to be.

    If I had lungs, I would scream. Instead, I slip between sobs. The distance stretching until it crackles like static. “I won’t leave you yet, but I have to let go.”

    222 ineligible words 😉

  12. The man and woman lay curled up on the bed…my bed. I had stared at them for over an hour, anger swelling in my chest. I did not know the man, but I could barely contain my rage when I found my wife lying there with him. They slept, their faces adorned with expressions of peace and innocence.

    She had been aloof with me, more distant with each passing day. I suspected something was amiss. I wanted to rekindle that spark we had when we were young and full of life. I wanted her to be in love me again. I thought I would surprise her by coming home early from work with a night on the town. I had set dinner reservations for 7:00 and a romantic movie she wanted to watch afterwards. I had planned it for weeks.

    Now, I see why she was so distant. This younger man had kindled the spark with her instead of me. Realizing that made me feel hollow inside. Something snapped, and I knew that nothing could get between me and my wife.

    Tears streamed down my cheeks as I stepped to the bed and raised the carving knife over my head.

    200 words

  13. There’s an instant just between when the latch clicks and Mia pushes the window open when he knows. Immediately Evan sits bolt upright in bed and watches as Mia clambers through, her hair as dark and her eyes as bright as ever.

    “You came back,” he breathes.

    Mia smiles, the moon behind her like a spotlight and her gorgeous face lit up just the way he remembers. She props her hands on her hips and rakes her eyes up and down his body – he always sleeps naked.

    “Of course. How many times do I have to tell you; we do get breaks at uni. Every year, in fact,” Mia says.

    She sounds so fucking happy to see him that before Evan can think any better of it, he’s pushed himself up to his knees and vaulted across the bed to grab her. He wraps his arms around her, digging his fingers in tight because he can’t help it. She feels incredible against him in ways that only her fancy uni boys could find the words for.

    Evan presses kisses into the curve of her neck and almost doesn’t worry if she can smell gasoline on him from the auto shop.

    200 words

  14. Falling…

    They are as close as two people can get without crawling under each other’s skin.

    He hears her heartbeat, feels it against his chest as he breathes her in. He wishes she was his first as he is hers.

    So many past regrets.

    His hold tightens.

    Night creeps up against the windows, slipping inside to cradle the room in shadows. They stay still, arms and legs entwined, intimately connected for the first time. Pleasure curls low and deep, but for now this is enough.

    Love sets its own pace and slow is all they know. They’ve been cautious, dancing around each other with tender touches and slow persuasion. He wants so badly to heal all her hurts, fill every hollow.

    She arches slightly, shivering and turning her face to his neck. Everything about her pulls him in deeper, ripens the moment until need dictates a desire for more.

    He begins to move, careful, learning sex pales in comparison to making love, and her flesh means more than his own. He wants to feel her come undone so he can prove he’ll catch her…





    188 words

  15. Sleeplessness is a prison for an unsettled mind.

    The endless cycle of churning thoughts pulls her farther and farther away from the balm of unconsciousness. In the aftermath of this devastation there is a cavity in her chest; an aching void she doesn’t know how to fill. She feels hollow. A fragile shell waiting to be crushed.

    His body, warm and hard, conforms to hers; pulling her in with the silent promise of comfort. She turns into him, her only solace, looking for a way to stop the pain of loss. She searches for answers in the strong lines of his beautiful, constant face.

    There are no words. The sheets become as twisted mess as they seek to bury tragedy in connection. Bodies weaved together, he holds her tightly. The hard press of his nails in her skin is a vague and minor echo of the ache in her heart as he moves inside her. His lips are velvet soft as they ghost over her skin.

    For a moment the hollowness is gone; consumed by sensation.

    words: 176

  16. Awareness washes over him like the morning light. He is as close to her as he can be without actually inhabiting her skin.

    She is fetal-curled, unfurling as his warm hand drifts along her cooler skin. He wants to satisfy his hunger, to complete himself with her, in her. He can feel her wakefulness dawning as she stretches.

    “Thompson said sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex,” he whispers into the soft shell of her ear before kissing her fully awake.

    “You fill the hollow, though. This is so much more than sex.” Her eyes flutter as her senses rouse to his voice, feeling the length of his heat pressed along her thigh.

    She rolled toward him and wound her arms around his neck, finding his lips with her own.

    “I know. You fill me utterly. I love you.” Her leg wrapped around him, his heat found hers.

    “I love you, too,” he sighed into her mouth, as she welcomed him home, within.
    Words: 167

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