Sinful Sunday Week # 38 Results

The results are in! Here’s what judge Kassiah had to say!

This was so hard for me to judge–I feel grossly under-qualified, and I’m just so proud for all of you for putting yourselves out there and writing. Who am I to tell you what’s best? No one. Which is why I want ya’ll to know that I chose the winner and runner-up just based on my feelings and who best represented the picture and word prompts to me.


QuinnLark: I loved this so much. I’m blown away by how much I could feel the fire and the anguish in this character. I just…wish he wasn’t letting her go LOL


Louise Clark: I thought the hotness of it was dead on, and I really enjoyed it. I want more from these characters 🙂


Tinsley Warren: This was so sweet, and I loved it. I love that he was reassuring her and was so confident in their relationship.


Melfin80: That was a great way to incorporate the lyrics of the song.


AnnaLund2011: Damnnnnn girl. I loved her kick-ass attitude!


GeekChic12FF: Gah! I loved this one so much, and not because it was Edward. It was hot and heartwrenching!


Jami: I loved that in just 200 words, you told so much. It was hot and sweet and hopeful, and I loved it. ♥


Shari Slade: This was awesome! I especially loved the “all angel voice and devil tongue” part and his description and their playfullness and just everything.


Aleeab4u: So, this was kind of shocking, right? I mean all this hotness and love and then…pow! I wish I had a better word to use than awesome because that’s what this was. Fantastic.


Femme Malheureuse: This was like poetry to me. Every single word was perfectly placed. Amazing job!


I thought everyone’s was so good, and I hate having to choose. ::le sigh:: Since Rebecca is making me pick, here goes:


Honorable Mention: Aleeab4u


I’m sure I read this one fifteen times. I want to know more about these characters–I couldn’t stop thinking about them.


Runner-Up: Tinsley Warren


I love that you used the word “sparks” literally and figuratively. I kept rereading this one, too, and loved it so much.


Winner: JamideniseO


Wonderful. That’s what I really want to say about this one and the way it made me feel.

Thanks, Rebecca, for having me as a guest judge–it was fun. Thanks for writing, everyone. I feel honored that I got to read your entries this week. I’m so impressed!


The winners may now grab their badges! Thanks to everyone who participated! See you all next week!






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