Sinful Sunday Week # 39

Welcome back to Sinful Sunday! This week’s judge is last week’s winner, JamideniseO

Sinful Sunday #flashfiction week 39 judge

Jami Denise is a romance writer from Southern California.  While she waits for the next felon to come along and sweep her off her feet, she writes stories about swoony bad boys and feisty gals that make them squirm.  You can find her short story, House Calls, in the Mayhem Erotica Tasting the Forbidden Anthology.  She also loves cats and cherry limeade.

If you’re unfamiliar with the usual Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out.

The photo prompt is meant for inspiration, but you must use both prompts in some way. Have fun with it, and synonyms are accepted! (If you use a word other than the synonyms listed, please include that information after your entry.) The word minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!


Word Prompt:


(Like last week, we’re keeping this prompt without a definition attached. It’s up for interpretation!)

Photo Prompt:



Disclaimer: The author does not claim to have taken any of the photographs used as prompts. All imagery was found in the public domain via Tumblr.

Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in!


  1. (200 Words)


    I never wanted to get caught.
    But you.
    You were the bait.
    You and your camera lens see everything.
    For you I’m bare.
    Recorded in pixels forever.
    When I gently pry it out of your hands, turning it on you, your eyebrow raises in challenge.
    I don’t need this camera to record just how unbelievably sexy you are I tell you when you hand it to me. My brain can recall perfectly how you look, cargo shorts sliding over your hips, ink bright in the midday sun as your lips quirk with amusement. Keeping your eyes on mine, you slowly push them down, your cock slapping against your stomach.
    Licking my lips all I can think: For now you’re mine.
    I snap a picture.
    Every fucking inch of your sexy toned, tan body is mine. Mine to explore, mine to caress with my hands, teeth, tongue.
    You’re mine.
    No matter how many pictures I take, it’ll never capture how your hooded brown eyes watch me when I’m inside you. How you dig your teeth into your lip when I slowly enter you. How your fingers slowly stroke my own straining cock.
    No picture could capture us.
    You and I.

  2. Whoops! My word count is 200 words and I forgot my twitter handle! @nikkamichaels.

  3. @TheOriginalGray

    158 words.

    The man’s blue eyes snared Zack from across the hotel bar. The scruffy, and tattooed whore used his body as bait. A poisonous lure, that was growing increasingly harder to say no to. Zack undressed him from across the room. Each swallow of tequila took off another article. Images of what Zack would do to the man flashed through his head. The man straddling his lap, pictures for keepsakes. The whore’s thickness pressing against his erection, as the man grinds those sinful hips down into him. The feel of the man’s skin pressed up against his. How he would gasp taking every inch of Zack inside him.
    He was undercover, what was one more? His boss had offered him the man as reward for a job well done. Pocketing the coke, Zack left a crisp hundred on the bar for his drinks and product. He cut through the crowd like a preditor, determined to take temptation to bed.

  4. “Come on, Sean. I need your help. Please, man,” I begged, hoping he’d take the bait.

    “Why isn’t Maggie taking the pics? This whole thing is weird,” he replied, still trying to get out of it.

    “All I know is there’s a deadline, so come on, man,” I insisted. I thought I heard a muffled, “fuck” before the line went dead.

    I groaned in frustration and tossed my phone on the end table. Maggie came around the corner and hugged me.

    “He’ll come,” she whispered, and then kissed me roughly. My cock was about to burst through my jeans at the thought of her insinuation. Just as she was stroking me outside of my jeans, Sean’s truck pulled up. Maggie fled the room giggling as I stood there, stunned.

    “Come on, Gavin,” I muttered to myself, then answered the door.

    The nervous, sexual energy that had always been around Sean and I was at its peak as I showed him the camera and where I wanted to pose. He got comfy on the couch and started snapping photos. I concentrated on his mouth as I teased him. Out of the corner of my eye, a flash startled me.


    199 words

  5. AnnaLund2011 says:


    “Let’s take a picture as bait.”

    “Yeah, come on, who could say no to all this?” Your eyes are alight with playful happiness, and the pure joy rushing through me is overwhelming.

    As you start pulling down your jeans, I get the phone ready for a picture. But watching you in the small screen suddenly makes it look dirty, pornographical—without the fun edge. So I dump the phone on the bed, and just pull you down to me again.

    “I changed my mind. I don’t want to share this with anyone.”

    You look at me from where you are lying on my shoulder, looking kinda debauched, with your pants half on, half off, smiling a slow smile.

    “Oh, yeah? No sharing, huh?”

    “Nope. All mine, this is.” I’m wishing this to be true.

    “I can live with that.” Your lips slide up the side of my neck to my ear, nibbling along the way, hands moving in discovery. Then you reach up and grab my chin and make me look you in the eye.

    “You know this is it for me, right?”

    I grab the phone again, and do a close-up of your eyes. Sexy, sweet, and steady.



    Word count: 200, on the nose
    Twitter handle: @AnnaLund2011

  6. We don’t brunch. Around the holidays we wander up to the Methodist church–the one with a sanctuary like a ship’s hull and stained glass windows that remind me of his tattoo–for congregation. Mostly, ours is a private worship. Coffee, crossword, cruller.

    He licks sugar glaze from his thumb, notices me watching, and slides his ring finger into his mouth, lips to knuckle. Pulls it out slow. Bait.

    I shift–caught–and roll onto my back, savoring the languid cock twitch. The dragging pulse. We were frantic once, all hands and teeth. Desperation spent, now I feel everything. The warm weight of his body as he straddles my chest. The shiver of anticipation as he flicks open the belt I bought him for his birthday.

    “Wait. I want to take your picture.”

    “You’ve got a hard drive full of my body.” He grinds against me with thrilling impatience.

    “And a hard on for you, but I didn’t take those shots. You took them, or someone else–I want my own.”

    Bait. He always gives me what I want. And what I want is simple, to document this moment, to show him how I still see him. Perfection. Mine alone.

    200 Words

  7. Eileen Griffin says:


    Word Count: 196

    I slide my jeans slowly up over my hips as he snaps the last picture. I don’t want to leave the warmth of his body but Time is a cruel bitch.

    One last kiss, a moan into his mouth. A promise of the next time as images of last night swim behind my lids. Slick bodies gliding against each other. His lips and tongue laving the sleeve along my arm. My teeth sinking into his shoulder as he clenched around my cock buried deep inside him. The cry of ecstasy from both of our mouths I coated his back and marked him as mine. His shudders inviting me to kiss and lick away the sweat from his neck as he wrapped his arms around me.

    The moment he turns his phone around and shows me what’s on the screen, I know I’m sunk. Caught. Hooked. His sly smile and the feather light touch of his hand on my stomach make my skin burn and cock swell.

    My fingers slowly push my jeans back down over my hips as the realization hits me. The snapshot was the perfect bait to get me back into his warm bed.

    by: Eileen Griffin

  8. “Don’t be a wimp.” Brent grins, playing nonchalant, teasing, dropping bait he knows Drew can’t resist. “She sent you sexy pictures. You have to reciprocate. Tit for…” He lets his eyes skim over the other man’s tattoos, resisting the urge to linger on places he wants to lick. “Tat,” he finishes, smirking.

    Drew shrugs, but Brent can tell he’s considering. “I thought you liked this girl.”

    “Hell yeah, I like her. A lot actually.”

    Brent feels the sharp pull that comes whenever he has to face just how straight his friend is, no bend whatsoever.

    “Tell me about her,” he coaxes, swallowing hurt, feigning interest. “Does she taste as good as she looks?”

    Drew groans, eyes closing. “Man, you can’t imagine. She’s perfect. So sweet, so warm, so fucking… uninhibited.”

    He’s right. Brent can’t imagine. The look on his friends face makes him imagine other things though. He grabs his phone, snapping a picture, catching the expression of raw arousal on Drew’s face, wishing…

    “Undo your jeans. Show your girl some skin. Let her know you want her.” Brent’s voice is rough. Clearing his throat, he takes another picture, knowing he’ll be keeping these for himself.

    Fuck the girl.

    . . . . . .

    199 words

  9. They had taken the bait just as certainly as I had hoped when I’d caught their eye while I gyrated with my Kinsey Five friend on the dance floor, her hands and hair caressing places on my skin they wished they could put their tongues.

    Back at her place, we feigned interest until they actually made us hot. Maybe turnabout was fair play, maybe the slash was thinner than we’d thought, or maybe we were more into it than I’d initially suspected.

    Watching one, then the other, peel down to their taut jeans and further to less, I had to admit that there was something to the situation that warranted attention.

    The question was, who would get it from me? Janine, Murph, or Johnny?


  10. Tinsley Warren says:

    “Your tattoo looks great I can’t wait to put these photos on my website,” Jack said laying down on the couch fiddling with his camera. Damn was he attractive, if he would just open his eyes and see the real reason why I was so eager to let him tattoo my arm we wouldn’t be wasting all this time. “Thanks for letting me use you for my portfolio.”

    I wet my lips and straddled his legs. “Don’t you know by now, you can use me for whatever you want?” My voice sounded husky to my eyes, and I knew my cock was rock solid.

    “Trent, what are you saying?” he whispered, his eyes trained on my hands as they went for my zipper.

    “You know what I’m saying. Stop fighting it. I can’t anymore and I’m about to show you just how hard it’s been for me.” I pull down my pants and my cock stands at full mast right in front of his face.
    I lean forward as his eyes grow large, “Use me Jack. Show me what you’ve got.”

    “My pleasure,” he said as he leaned forward and wrapped his mouth around me.

    “Fuck yes,” I moaned.

    Words: 199

  11. “One more? It has to be perfect,” he begs.

    Lowering the camera, I meet his sparkling blue eyes. They’re the color of a summer sky; the blue so brilliant it hurts. They fill my dreams at night. I wake every morning, cursing the hours until I can fall asleep again.

    In my dreams, I’m the one he’s trying to snare, not … him.

    The jangle of his belt grabs my attention. My stomach flips as I watch him push the button through the hole, slide the zipper slowly down, exposing the dark hair beneath. Commando. It fucking figures. Damn him.

    The jeans fall over his ass–round, firm, and mouth-wateringly fuckable– pooling at his feet.

    He’s perfection.

    He has no idea I’ve wanted him for months.

    My cock swells. I sigh as I stare at him, naked in front of me, silently dying inside as I lift the camera.

    Through the lens I watch his hands. His fingers spread, frame his hardening cock. He’s so beautiful it aches.

    I press the button, freezing the moment and lower the camera. Our eyes meet, mine full of hunger. He smiles.

    “Gotcha,” he laughs then launches himself at me. “And, I’m not letting you go.”

    200 words


  12. karenec says:

    “Time to put the camera down, Cam.” Mark’s voice was hoarse.

    “I’m almost done,” Cam said carelessly, snapping a few more photos of the man across the room. He ignored Mark’s fidgeting and grumbled complaints. “I need these for my project, babe. Hold still.”

    “What the fuck, Cam?”

    Cam hid his smile when Mark swore. It was cruel to bait him, especially after the man had worked a double-shift. Cam knew that Mark was tired; all his lover wanted was to get Cam into bed where they could wrap themselves around each other until they slept.

    Cam really did need photos for his project, though. And teasing always pushed Mark’s buttons in just the right ways.

    “Put it down,” Mark said again, walking to stand in front of Cam.

    Cam looked up, cocking an eyebrow when Mark pulled his t-shirt over his head. His eyes moved slowly over Mark’s bare torso. “Is that an order, babe?”

    “I’m not kidding, Cameron,” Mark warned, his fingers unbuttoning the fly of his jeans. “The only thing you should be holding right now is my dick.”

    A smile spread slowly over Cam’s face. “Take it all off, babe. I need some nudes, too.”


    199 words

  13. 199 words~ @mrssiobhanmasen

    Why do I always gravitate to the full sleeve boys?
    My one weakness and suddenly they’re all around me.
    First was Riley, then Toby, and until this afternoon, James.
    I suddenly want to go out to celebrate my single status.


    I immediately see two candidates across the room, obviously into each other as well, a bonus!
    Most importantly, both have tats.
    I send out the ‘no judgement, let’s just all have a good time together’ vibe as bait and pray it works.


    Liam lies on his back on the couch; his pants already open with his beautiful cock on full display. Gavin perches on his lap, as he maneuvers his own pants down.
    They have snapped too many pictures to count of me. Liam’s gigantic reveal is preserved as well. Now, he has the camera ready to snap the appearance of Gavin’s cock.
    I stand off to the side, naked and waiting to join in.
    Gavin makes room for me on Liam’s lap. Then he takes his spot up against my back.
    Both boys slide into me at the same time. Satisfaction and excitement flood my body.
    I think these boys are keepers, tattoos and all.

  14. I am a vain man. I mark my body irrevocably with beautiful art to enhance my tight, well-trained flesh.

    I am a suggestible man. I yield, caving into his appeal to my vanity, promising photos of my latest ink.

    I am a tempted man. I take the bait when he asks to kiss me, running his lips and tongue along my skin, licking the furring that trails below my waistband.

    I am a hungry man. I throw myself at him as if starved, nipping along the warm flesh of his ribs, biting at the salt-sweet skin of neck.

    I am an eager man. I can’t remove our jeans fast enough, tearing at his zipper and my fly as he continues to photograph my eagerness.

    I am a throbbing man. I grasp his cock and mine in between us, feeling the pulsing of our blood as I stroke us in unison.

    I am a desperate man. I bite at the foil on the condom, slop wildly with lubricant as I kiss along his raspy jawline, stretching and stroking him beneath me.

    I am a buried man. I am home, balls deep in him as we match each other’s frenzied pleasure.
    199 words

  15. Trey leaned back against the pillows and flipped through the images on his phone.

    Danny looked pained and frustrated in every shot.

    Danny pushed open the bedroom door of the cabin jeans sliding low over his hips.

    Trey tried to lighten the glower on his boyfriend’s face. “Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you happy to—holy shit.”

    Danny had turned, denim sliding over the sweet curve of his ass, revealing a gleam of silver between his cheeks.

    Trey’s throat went dry. “Is that the…” he worked up some spit and swallowed, picturing the gleaming bulb, the weight of it buried inside Danny’s heat. “Have you had that plug in your ass all day?”

    Danny dropped his jeans to the floor, turned around. “When you said ‘Don’t forget to pack that’, I didn’t think we were really coming up here to fish. On a boat. Around other people.”

    “Jesus, Danny.” Trey had to get the slick head of Danny’s cock in his mouth.

    As the salty skin slid past his lips, he wasn’t sure who moaned louder.

    “Now that’s how you bait a hook.” Danny murmured, hands his wrapped around the base of Trey’s skull.

    198 words

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