Sinful Sunday Week Flash Fiction # 42

Welcome back!  This week’s judge is our last contest’s winner, GeekChic12!

sinful sunday #flashfiction week 42 judge

GeekChic12 lives in the Midwest and is a stay-at-home mom to two sweet kiddos. She enjoys reading, writing, playing video games, and just hanging out with her family. She writes mostly Twilight fanfiction featuring Edward and Bella. She enjoys reading many different genres of books and hopes to one day improve enough to be able to write and publish a novel.

If you’re unfamiliar with the usual Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out.

The photo prompt is meant for inspiration, but you must use both prompts in some way. Have fun with it, and synonyms are accepted! (If you use a word other than the synonyms listed, please include that information after your entry.) The word minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!


Word Prompt


1. To playfully arouse sexual passion and then refuse gratification; to lead somebody on and then fail to deliver; to offer everything but give nothing.


2. Or: teaser, a person, more often a woman, who promises much more than s/he is willing to deliver. SYNONYMS: cock-chafer; cock-tease; cockteaser; CT; dick-teaser; prick-tease; prick-teaser.

QUOTE: Andy Clark (Emilio Estevez) in The Breakfast Club (1985): ‘All girls are teases!’

Photo Prompt:

 sinful sunday #flashfiction week 42 prompt


Disclaimer: The author does not claim to have taken any of the photographs used as prompts. All imagery was found in the public domain via Tumblr.

Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in!


  1. The martini wasn’t the first for either of us, nor would it be the last. Gradually dissolving our inhibitions and allowing plausible deniabiliy for the carnality of what was to follow, perhaps, we allowed the gradual, giddy indulgence of decadence.

    I ran a fingernail teasingly along the line of her jaw, whispering all the things she hadn’t yet earned the pleasure of, and chuckled hotly against her throat when she shuddered languorously at my touch and moaned when my teeth nipped her warming skin.

    She had given herself to me for the evening, and I was taking my time unwrapping my present.

    #100 on the dot

  2. She leaned forward so that I could see the deep valley between her leather encased breasts. The soft plump mounds taunting me. She knew my penchant for her breasts.

    “Oooo…,” She purred, a slow smile spreading across her face. “What is it? Would you like to nuzzle your face there, in my cleavage?”

    Unable to speak, I simply nodded. She rose. Even though only 5’2, she was bigger than life itself. Ask anyone who spent any amount of time in her presence. My eyes followed her as she walked around the table to stand behind me. Untying the knotted scarf that had silenced me, she pulled it from my mouth. As the silk fell to the floor, her lips brushed my ear. “Shhh…”

    I felt the heat of her body leave from behind me as she walked back around to perch her perfectly rounded bottom on the table in front of me, the ties of her corset dangling between the line of her bare ass. I pulled my hands against the ropes that bound me to my chair. Knowing I was disobeying, I smiled & spoke in a strained voice, “You’re such a tease, Mistress.”

    Word count: 196

  3. Tinsley Warren says:

    I kicked open the door to my office in a huff. “Those fuckin, no good, sons a bitches!” I grumbled, until I noticed that I wasn’t alone.

    Leaning over my desk, with her nice, pale ass on display for my viewing pleasure, was a slender woman with long, black hair, full, red lips, and legs that went on for days. Seeing her naked skin had me forgetting my past issues with my men, and adjusting my growing erection.

    She looked over her shoulder at me, took a drag from her cigarette and blew it in my direction. I was hypnotized as she straightened up, took a sip of her martini and walked toward me, a smirk playing on her lips.

    “Hello Mr.” Her voice was deep and sultry as all hell.

    “Who are you?” I asked, clearing my throat.

    “Whoever you want me to be,” she whispered as she rubbed her bare tits against my suit clad chest.

    “Don’t tease me.” I grabbed her arm and looked into her eyes.

    “I was sent to help relieve your tension.” She gave me her best smile as she dropped to her knees. “If you want that is.”

    Oh, I did want.

    Words: 199

  4. lellabeth says:

    200 words

    The strings of her corset tease the curve of her ass as she shifts, her hands cuffed in dark leather that contrasts against pale skin.

    Her Master is cocky with his plays, betting high and barely bluffing. His eyes are too busy sweeping the body of the waitress – as if he isn’t enamoured with the treasure before him, not appreciating the gift she’s bestowed.

    Meanwhile she sits embarrassed and exposed, cheeks hot with shame rather than excitement. I look at the skin she displays, how her eyes stay glued to the floor, and I wonder if she thinks being submissive means being ignored.

    Not with me.

    I clear my throat – she’s obedient enough to not look up, but her head tilts slightly in my direction.

    “You deserve better,” I whisper to her, too quietly to break through the cloud of arrogance surrounding the one who controls her. “I would treat your submission as a gift.”

    She doesn’t react beyond what she’s allowed, until her Master throws the keys to her cuffs on the table.

    She’s his bet.

    Her eyes flicker to mine, and then I know. I gather my chips, pushing them forward while she watches.

    “All in.”

  5. He founded her perched on the desk in his office wearing the leather corset he’d brought back from Italy and the Mikimoto pearls he’d stashed in the top drawer. Her gaze floated up from a thick drape of black lashes. A martini glass straddled her outreached fingers.
    Wordless, he approached. His knee parted her legs, stretching her thighs wide to accommodate his broad hips. He pressed his clothed erection into the thin strip of soft black leather covering her sex, lingering there, watching her eyes darken and her lips part in a low moan of satisfaction.
    Her hips moved forward, rocking against him. He slipped his fingers into the leather and found her wet. Sliding the thin strip to one side, he pressed his dress slacked length into her, letting her feel what her little exhibition act did to him. He thrust forward, rubbing her and found himself rewarded with a squeeze of her hips. Slowly, she worked his erection up and down with her exquisite thighs until her head fell back and her body quaked in near release.
    “You teasing little slut,” he mouthed over her ear. “I didn’t say you could come yet.”


    195 words

  6. “What about this one?”

    I looked up at the sound of her voice. Jesus Fucking Christ. It was the third corset she’d tried on for my approval.

    “Um, yeah. I like this one.”

    My dick had been hard since the moment she fluttered her pretty brown eyes, begging for my help, and pulled me into this little boutique I never noticed before. I’m not sure I would have ever guessed Pull My Strings was this kind of store.

    “Are you sure?” She turned around, straddling my knees and showed me her deliciously bare ass. “Do you think there’s enough material to hold onto here?” Her fingers brushed the flared leather above her hips.

    “Let me see.” I slipped my thumbs under the material and tugged.

    She giggled, catching her balance on my knees.

    “What about like this?” She turned around, restraddling my legs and bending toward me. “Do my boobs look good like this?”

    “Fucking amazing.”

    My hands wrapped around her thighs, fingers itching to tease her center.

    She leaned closer, her warm breath in my ear. “Thank you.” She kissed my cheek. “My husband is going to love it,” she said, jumping up and bouncing back to dressing room.

  7. @everydaybella89
    words: 156

    She’s all curves and leather.

    Thick brown hair falls down her back in waves, and I want to twist my hands around the silky strands and pull.

    The ribbon ties of her corset brush the bare curve of her ass. I want to follow their path with my tongue and feel her squirm in return.

    Her legs are endless, smooth, and graceful. She doesn’t need the heels of her fellow dancers to be drop dead sexy. I want those legs around my head while I lick her currently-hidden clit.

    Each slow swing of her hips makes me hard. I want her over me, under me, beside me. I want her to make those movements with my dick buried in her pussy. I want her to make us both come until there is no world outside of her and me.

    She gives us a teasing wink over her shoulder and pulls the ribbon to loosen the corset.

  8. @QuinnSkylark
    words: 199

    She’s such a tease. Whether it’s flashing her luscious cleavage or hiking up her dress to straighten her nylons, this woman has caught my cock’s attention.

    And she’s utterly and completely aware of it. She must be. Her sex appeal is tangible; I can taste it in the air when she’s near.

    Too bad she’s my professor. I doubt she’d give extra credit for how many times I’ve jacked off to an image of her in a black leather corset that floats around my imagination.

    “Come in,” she calls out when I rap on the door. I walk in. “What can I do for you, Edward?”

    I love the way my name rolls off her tongue. There’s something else I’d prefer her tongue to be rolling over, though. Clearing my throat, I hand over my essay.

    “This is late,” she says, lifting a threatening eyebrow.

    “I know, Professor Swan,” I say, hanging my head in shame.

    She regards me thoughtfully for several moments, chewing lightly on the end of her expensive pen. Standing, she walks around me and locks the office door. When she turns, she begins unbuttoning her blouse.

    “Are you interested in extra credit at all, Edward?”

  9. @zmginger
    Word Count: 200 on the nose

    I’ve been bleeding chips all night, but it’s a small price to pay to watch her.

    My croupier is my downfall. Her body encased in leather like a second skin. My fingers ache to catch the laces that hold her corset together. To pull them loose until her tantalising skin is revealed.

    “Place your beds, gentleman.”

    Even her voice is sin. It melts over me like chocolate; smooth and pours to my core. My eyes never leave her face as I lay down chips. Those hazel orbs are watching me too; she looks at no other. Her teeth tease her lower lips and I feel myself harden for her.

    “Thirty two red.”

    I blink as she calls out. Looking down at the board, I see my chips on black twenty, and all my chips are almost gone.

    Grabbing a business card, I write down my room number. Her come hither stares, and the way I’ve been the centre of her attention all night has me sure of the night ahead.

    I leave my last $500 chip on top of my card. My intent is clear.

    The sun has fully risen, and I sit alone. All I have is the fantasy.

  10. Once a month, Tess, the knockout I worked with, called me on Skype. “I’ll show you all of me. You can look, but you can’t touch. And you can never tell anyone.”

    I always begged, “Tease me! Drive me wild!”

    Last night, she was a dominatrix in black leather from head to toe. Even a black corset, laced with black ribbon down her back. As we talked she poured a glass of wine. And one piece at a time, she stripped. Gloves, then boots, then pants. Until only the corset remained.

    I nearly died when she sat on the table, with her back to me. I thought I’d melt when she took out a vibrator, and rode it, making sure I saw every stroke. She ended the video call the same way she always did. “If you ever say anything at all at work, I’ll never call you again.”

    149 Words

  11. Krystel H. says:

    I exhale the smoke out slowly as I sit and watch her.

    I’m not even sure she knows that my eyes are on her.

    Such a tease.

    She’s always sitting in the same chair, the same corset that laces up the back.

    My fingers twitch at my sides, begging to touch her, every part of her. But I hold back, waiting for that perfect moment to act upon my desires.

    I want walk up behind her, wrap my hand around her neck and pull her against me. My lungs will beg to breathe in her scent. I want to feel the leather of her corset rub against my skin in the most delicious of ways.

    My eyes wander up her body as she slowly turns my way. I notice her breath hitches when she finally notices me watching her.

    She sips her martini before slowly standing up and walking towards me, tugging at the laces of her corset as she comes closer.

    She stole my moment before I could act on it, but some how I can’t bring myself to care.

    She sits in my lap and I finally feel the leather under my finger tips.

    I am done for.

    Word count: exactly 200
    Twitter: @myheroin1

  12. “I win,” I said, thrilled with my luck.

    My competitor grinned at me deviously from across the game table. “Good hand,” he said cordially, and then stood. He motioned for the man at the door behind me to leave.

    I removed the toothpick from my martini and made a seductive show of eating the two olives off it before tossing it. I knew he was aroused from my performance thanks to his not-so-subtle show of adjusting himself while he walked around the table. I licked my lips in anticipation as he approached.

    “Now let’s see who you are.” His husky tone was full of lust and desire.

    Heat and electricity radiated through my hand as he covered mine. We both gasped, and he quickly used the distraction to pull my mask away. The feathers tickled my arm as he set it on the table, causing goose bumps to rise along my arm. His hot breath mingled with mine as we both stood motionless.

    “So stunning,” he whispered before claiming my lips, softly at first. Then our mutual hunger grew, our teeth nipping at each other’s lips. “My beautiful tease. We meet again.”

    I shook my head. “This time I’m yours.”

    Word Count: 200

  13. “Surely you understood when the first hand was dealt this was a risk.”

    “That you would cheat and wear more clothing? No, I really hadn’t thought that far ahead.” He took another sip of his drink as he contemplated the silken skin of her rounded bottom parked on the green baize of the gaming table.

    “Cheat? Me? As if you have any room to talk. Your less-than-subtle signals to your friends to fold was hardly above board.”

    “Well. They’re gone. You should thank me for the favor.”

    “Thank you? Whatever for?”

    “They won’t be here to witness my capitulation to your superior gamesmanship, love.”

    “Yes, there is that. I’d like to collect my prize now, if you don’t mind.”

    “By all means, please do.” Utterly bereft of clothing, the loser leaned back in his chair, revealing his aroused interest to her view.

    She stood, pulling the corset’s laces slowly, teasing his erection with the trailing ends.

    He could take no more; he pressed her back onto the table, pushing himself deeply into her warmth again and again. Her legs around him, chips and cards flew as she came and he followed.

    “I won,” she sighed.

    Sated, he smirked. “Me too.”
    word count: 200

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