Sinful Sunday Week #5

Welcome to week 5 of Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction! This week’s judge is last week’s winner, Lisa McCourt Hollar!

Mother, wife, writer, she has self-published several short stories and collections. She also has stories in 7 anthologies. Lisa mostly writes horror but has a few children’s stories as well. She is currently working on her first novel, The Legend of Graystone Manor.

Now on to the prompt!

And this week’s sexy word prompt is:

Zoo Daddy: Or: Disneyland-daddy , a divorced or separated father, so named because he takes his children to the zoo or Disneyland on his visiting days.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with! If you’re unfamiliar with the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out! Remember: the word minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle! You have until midnight EST to get your flashfiction in! Come on and get a little sinful!


  1. She couldn’t wait until Derek had the kids for his weekend of Disneyland Daddy duty; Marilyn had her own rides and attractions she wanted to see, and those were most assuredly of the E ticket variety. You had to be both this tall, this old, and, God love him, this big around.

    She felt her knees weaken at the thought of being an E-cup ride herself. Malone had said that he’d help pay for them once his own divorce (child-free, fortunately, it was a lot less messy and a lot more amicable) was wrapped up. Marilyn had met Joanne at a HOA meeting, and was both awed and envious.

    Malone had told her of the degradations he’d imposed on “JoJo,” and those he was yet to impose on “Maybe.”

    The fact that she got wet and imagined having her wrists bound whenever “Call Me Maybe” came on made the drives to Derek’s place, when the kids were allowed to choose the radio station, even more exquisitely poignant torture.


  2. Secret Satisfaction
    Hitting the end button, Daniel shoved his iPhone in his pocket. Taking a deep breath, he tried to regain his composure while hidden from the party on the balcony. “Jesus, Daniel, are you ever going to be anything but a “Zoodaddy” to your children?,” ran through his thoughts again.

    It was useless arguing with her. She never supported him anyway. She gladly received the fruits of his labor, but constantly bitched about the effort it took. Blowing out his frustration, he turned to walk into the ballroom to return to the party. His breath caught when he saw the woman against the wall. Scanning the room, she was alone, barely dressed, and moaning. He heard the doorknob turn, quickly ducking back out to the balcony. A well dressed man walked straight to the woman.

    “I see you obeyed me, Mon Cherie,” the stranger said as he dipped his hand between her legs. Her head arched back, a moan escaping her lips.

    “Yes, master,” she groaned arching back again as he leaned in against her to kiss her neck.

    Daniel knew he should give them privacy. Sliding his hand down into his pants, he remained with a grin.

    @kl_phipps or @mistresskayln
    Word Count-196

  3. Ginger Green (@Gingerandgreen) says:

    DM from @Zoodaddy The_Butler: 
    >>His Lordshit’s away for the weekend. Wanna come play? Wear s/thing that makes you feel beautiful.<<

    "May I take your coat?"

    His breath against my neck is contained passion. The warmth spreads along neural pathways that awaken with electrified expectation. He slips the garment from my shoulders and stands back to gaze at me appreciatively. I feel beautiful, indeed.

    "Stand here. I wish to admire you." 

    He places me against the curlicued wall; ties a silk blindfold around my eyes. His magnificence is lost to me, but I am so aware of myself. I feel him draw away and imagine him studying me, displayed for his enjoyment.

    "You are exquisite." His voice is low, husky. "This room must have seen so much sex over the centuries, the walls are imbued with the scent of it; but I don't believe anyone as divinely sensual as you has graced it before."

    I flush with pleasure at his praise. My sex strains forward for his inspection, eager and ready. I barely contain myself in anticipation of the words that will begin our twisted, naughty game.

    "Are you ready for Daddy, little girl?"

    I flood. “Yes Sir. I truly am.”

    200 kinky words @Gingerandgreen

  4. When Claire entered the room, Lila was ready for her. Standing next to the ornamented double doors, arms above her head and blindfolded, she was a picture of obedience and desire.

    Claire licked her lips. After years of a sexual dry spell, her ex had first turned into bore and then into a cheating bastard and a zoo daddy. Weeks of going to the gym and trailing online had finally led Claire to the ‘Club d’Amour’, a playground for the wealthy and beautiful.

    When she stepped closer, she could smell Lila’s arousal and the sweat on her skin. Her sub was always beautiful, but today she had outdone herself.

    Her shaved mound glistened when Claire carefully parted her pussy to stroke her clit. Lila moaned.

    ‘Shhh’ soothed Claire. ‘You know the rules.’

    Working two fingers into her, Claire could see the other woman bite her lips to prevent another sound. Perspiration coated her breasts and Claire reached out to bite a nipple through the top. When she felt Lila’s hips yank towards her, she removed her fingers.

    ‘Bad girl.’ She smiled when she saw Lila shiver in anticipation. ‘I think you deserve some punishment.’

    194 words

  5. Alison Winchester says:

    Latex bustier and thong. Thigh-his. Stiletto pumps with patent heels. She tied the blindfold herself and assumed the position against his closet doors.

    “C’mon, Lorelei,” he says. “No time for play this morning. You know it’s my weekend with the kids.”

    At least the blindfold hides the roll of her eyes.

    He’s less of a Dom than a dabbler. Less of a father than a Disney dad. She knows neither she nor his ex-wife are happy but she refuses to move until she hears him shut the door behind himself as he scoots off to take the kids to some fun activity and lets himself pretend his ex doesn’t do the brunt of the work.

    Yanking off the blindfold, she pulls his best wool suit out of the closet and her favorite toy out of the bottom drawer. She places the suit carefully on the bed before she fucks herself on it, hard, using the lapels to wipe her toy clean.

    Then she takes her things and leaves.

    176 words, @darktrope

  6. Ahh….there she is waiting for me just like I instructed, looking sexy as fuck, and eagerly anticipating our tryst for today. She looks hotter in that kinky outfit than I ever could’ve imagined.

    I tell myself that I would have to control my urge to rip the flimsy pieces of clothing off of her. But, hell, if I would be able to heed that advice. I could smell her arousal from here and I won’t be able to resist getting her naked in seconds.

    I’m sure that just like me she is horny as hell and probably eagerly anticipating me giving her the pleasure that she’s long craved, but had been denied when she was with that douche of an ex of hers. My cock twitches in anticipation, too.

    He had no idea what little vixen hid inside of her. I was the one who brought the sex kitten out. So, while he’s off playing zoo daddy, she’ll be here writhing underneath me in absolute pleasure until we both reach the pinnacles of ecstasy. She’ll shout out my name like a prayer as I worship her body like the goddess she is.

    His loss is my gain.

    Word count:198

  7. The kids worshipped Disneyland Dad, one week a year, he comes bearing $100 gifts she couldn’t dream of buying, and then whisks the kids away to some magical place. Sure he never sent a dime for food, or shots, or clothes, you know those things most parents are concerned with but fuck it.

    She had a full week, the sexy lingerie, the smell of leather bound to her flesh tightly, blindfolded, writhing in ecstasy. Sniffing the wrist restraint, it smelled of her, someone somewhere would love that scent, someone would want to fuck that smell, their mouth would water and their cock would swell and he would push her against the wall, devouring her, fucking her. It was this thought that brought her to the bed, face down into the comforter her fingers pushing up into the wetness her clit swollen and under her touch, she pushed and ground tightening and releasing onto her hand, she was close so damn fucking close, and then the tears came, the overwhelming crippling sadness that she could not release with the children home. But the children were gone and so the whimpers found their way past the tears.

    195 words

  8. Time’s done for this week! Thanks for…playing…everyone! 😉

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