Sinful Sunday Week #6

Welcome back! This week’s judge is Clara Farnell!

Clara has been addicted to erotic fiction for more than ten years, first working her way through fanfiction and then into general erotic romance. She especially enjoys reading and writing about power play and seduction, and lives in an old mill in northern England.

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Rapture: The state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion or by extreme joy or pleasure. SYNONYMS: bliss; cloud nine; delight; dream state; dreamland; ecstasy; Elysium; enchantment; exaltation; exultation; gladness; heaven ; nirvana; paradise; seventh heaven ; transport.

Get those steamy thoughts going! If you’re unfamiliar with the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out! The word minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle! You have until midnight EST to get your flashfiction in! Come on and get a little sinful!


  1. Submissive Strength

    He had promised her she would understand the full meaning of liberation and empowerment by the end of the night and she was only now beginning to believe how enlightened he was in such matters.

    She’d never suspected by surrendering her body to the every sexual whim of another she would, at last, find a strength and a freedom never imagined before in her experience.

    Every nerve ending in her body seemed to have been electrified and stimulated to the point she found it nigh impossible to focus her thoughts at all and could only surrender to an orgasmic state of total rapture.

    The rough planking of the floor abraded her back and buttocks…but she didn’t care. The taut muscles of her shoulders and knees screamed in protest as they were pushed beyond the borders of pain to an unexplored land of pleasure…but she didn’t care. His thick invasive fingers plunged in and out of her, fingernails scratching against her inner walls leaving a burning ache behind and yet…she didn’t care.

    Her only desire was to please him sufficiently that he would continue his thorough, unrelenting, merciless exploitation of her body until she surrendered to unconsciousness from sheer sexual overload.

    200 words @klingorengi

  2. A bullet on a battlefield a million miles away had ended everything he had been. His cock hung limp no matter the titillation or temptation. She had been there for him but there was no getting past his loss of self, the counselor had said this would take time, but it had been years she had tried understanding, caring, crying, even yelling. But nothing broke through his sense of dread.

    Tonight she brought a rope and a gag. She had whispered to him at dinner. “Take me like a man or lose me forever.” At first he thought she was mocking him, he bound her hands and gagged her mouth, he pulled her to the barn angrily. Tearing her pants from her body he took in her scent, her body reacted to his touch in unexpected ways, the old ways the ways it had reacted before the bullet. She went down to her knees and then fell back, She was alive to his touch his thumb on her clit, his fingers moved inside her, he could not take his eyes off her face, she was in rapture and as she came he was once again a man.

    197 words @antonioangelo21

  3. Emmanuelle Nathan says:

    “How long do you think you’ve had these on?” I say, flicking the bells. Her groan is muffled by the gag.

    “I can’t hear you, so I think you should wear them for a little longer.” I know I’m being an asshole, but here I can be, and I know that she loves it. She wouldn’t come back again and again if she didn’t.

    “Now, let’s see how still you can be for the next minute. If I don’t hear those bells I’ll take them off and give you a treat.”

    We both know this is a challenge. She’s not one for keeping still, but given how much she hates those nipple clamps and how much she wants to come, I think she has enough of a motivation to do this.

    My hands move over her ticklish spots, and with eyes squeezed shut she manages what she’s previously failed at: control in her submission.

    “Good girl,” I say as I remove her decorations and suck away the soreness. “Now for your reward.”

    My hand moves on and in her. Denied for three weeks, it doesn’t take long. I watch proudly as her back arches and she falls apart in rapture.

    200 words

  4. Not much longer, she thought; her thighs straining; her back arching against the cold, wood floor.

    Saliva pooled in the back of her throat as a keening wail broke loose. His fingers moved fast and hard, the knuckles of his hand practically bruising her in his intensity.

    Her head rapped against his hand as she twisted back and forth, chasing the rapture that was just out of her grasp, straining…

    When suddenly, he stopped.

    Gently, he pulled her into his arms, releasing the strain of her thighs and back but leaving other parts of her still taut and begging for release.

    “Nirvana,” he whispers, unbuckling the gag, then untying her gag.

    “What?” she asks. “Why are you safing? What did I do?”

    He returns his hand to her inner thighs, softly stroking her.

    “I left you no way to safeword. When your head hit my hand…”

    He carries her over to the bed — really a mattress on the floor — sets her down, and continues his apologies with his mouth and tongue.

    Word Count: 184

  5. Ginger Green (@Gingerandgreen) says:

    “Do you like the house? It needs work. I bought it for you.”

    Her eyes widen in astonished elation. She really has no idea of the depth of my feelings for her.

    “For…” Her breath hitches. I’ve stolen her words. She looks around again, then brings her eyes back to mine. “It’s beautiful, Master. Thank you.”

    “No, you’re beautiful. Come here.” I give her the signal to kneel, and she drops gracefully at my feet. Perfection. “Can you be quiet?”

    She shakes her head – she is always honest. I pull the gag out of my pocket, slip it in her lush mouth. I tie her hands loosely – she loves the restraint, but I don’t want the marks to show.

    “Lie back, Precious.” She immediately obeys, and I unfasten her skirt, leaving her bare from the waist. I push up her blouse to expose her exquisite breasts and survey my property.

    Fuck, she’s gorgeous. And mine.

    “The very first thing we’re going to do in our house is bring you pleasure, Baby. Are you ready?”

    When my fingers enter her, she is dripping wet. I watch intently, and when I allow her release, I experience her rapture deep in my psyche.

    200 awe-full words by @Gingerandgreen

  6. “You’re about to come, aren’t you, pet?”

    Colton hovers over Darcy and grasps her bound wrists. His firm grip around the ropes is a stark contrast to the soft slip of his fingertips across her slickened skin.

    “Aren’t you?” he demands.

    Darcy moans a raw, rasping sound and tightens her fist around the bell. If it falls to the floor, he’ll think she’s safeworded, and then he’ll stop.

    Her ass is red with his handprints, back rough from scraping on wood, pussy aching after a kiss from his crop, but the last thing Darcy wants Colton to do is stop.

    “You told me you couldn’t come like this,” Colton teases. “But look at you. You’re so wound up, I bet all it would take is one. Single. Touch.”

    He presses a fingertip to her clit—just a swirl—and she explodes.

    But it’s not the pleasure rushing through her that sends Darcy into rapture, nor the relief when he undoes the ropes and stretches out her stiff joints. It’s the moment the mask slips, when Colton asks if she’s okay, that overwhelms her with bliss.

    “I’m fine.”

    “Good. You clothes are in the corner.”

    And then the mask returns.

    198 completely ineligible words 🙂

  7. The Game
    By Lisa McCourt Hollar

    He controls her absolutely, holding her hands above her head, tied together by the rope she’d tried to strangle him with. She struggles against him, hate in her eyes, or was that passion? He thought about removing the gag, then remembering the vile names she’d called him, decided to keep it there… for now.

    “What were you saying?” Placing his hand between her legs, he slides a finger inside her. Stiffening, she pushed against him, forcing the digit deeper, a small moan escaping the cloth. She wasn’t as much of a prude as she pretended.

    “You said something about wanting to kill me,” he whispered, grazing his teeth against her neck while massaging her clit. Working his way down her neck he found her nipples, taut, waiting for his tongue.

    “Still want to kill me?” Flicking his tongue against her tit, he pulled it hard into his mouth before letting go and planting a trail of kisses down her abdomen until he found himself at her mound. Finding her spot, he reached up, releasing the gag and her screams of pleasure.

    When they were finished, she wrapped her arms, still bound tight, around his neck. “Tomorrow I tie you up.”

    Word Count: 100

  8. Time’s up! Thanks everyone! 🙂

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