Sinful Sunday Week #7

Welcome back! Last week’s winner was unable to join us for judging this week, so our guest judge is my good friend Jeanette Grey!

After brief, unsatisfying careers in advertising, teaching, computers, and homemaking, Jeanette Grey has returned to her two first loves: romance and writing. In her fiction, Jeanette explores characters from all walks of life. From gritty cityscapes to magical fantasy worlds to settings as familiar as the house next door, she takes the reader on journeys of self-discovery and redemption – and above all, love. When she isn’t writing, Jeanette enjoys making pottery, playing board games, and spending time with her husband and her pet frog.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out! You must use both the photo prompt and word prompt in some way. The  minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!

Photo prompt:

Word prompt:

Mercy fuckOr: pity-fuck , courtesy copulation performed when one person who feels sorry for another.

Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flashfiction in! Come on and get a little sinful!


  1. She’s glad for the blindfold, happy she doesn’t have to see him as he fucks her.

    If she doesn’t have to see him she can pretend he’s someone else.

    She lets herself get lost in the sensations instead: the soft clink of the cuffs against the headboard, the rasp of his jeans against her stockings, his labored breaths as he shoves her to her side and flogs her until her ass burns.

    “Don’t think of it as a pity-fuck,” he’d said. Because sure, asking your best friend to top you because you were afraid your pussy was growing cobwebs had sexy written all over it.

    She should be embarrassed at how wet she was, how eagerly she took him in. The sounds she made as he fucked her, with her hands grabbing desperately at anything, trying to keep her head from banging into the wrought iron.

    “Sir,” she gasped, “May I…”

    “I’ve waited forever to feel you come on my cock,” he said. “When you gonna realize that?”

    She flew apart when he yanked the blindfold off. He stared into her eyes when he came, mouthing, “I want you. I want this.”

    200 words exactly

  2. “I said I was sorry!”

    “Make me believe it.”

    The blindfold was for show; the cuffs were loosely secured. Mark pulled at Danielle’s lingerie with mock abandon, careful not to rip it or put a run in her stockings.

    She writhed, theatrically at first and then with increasingly honest desperation, because Mark was steadfastly refusing to ravish her. He was barely touching her, touch she craved, had earned, and was growing frantic for.

    “Please….” she gasped. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

    “I believe you… but that’s no reason to forget putting sheets on the bed.” The useless blindfold meant she could see his smirk as he finally gave in and took her, and she laughed.


  3. Turnabout Is Fair

    Blindfolded and cuffed to the bed, her nipples grew diamond hard and her juices flowed; not from his fumbling efforts to pleasure himself but from anticipation of watching her father’s hired muscle do to him what he was currently doing to her.

    She supposed she might consider his rape of her to be a mercy fuck of sorts. It was the last mercy he’d receive in this life. She fully intended to enjoy his shameful descent into degradation. While she might not have a dick, she bet a tire iron would do the trick when her turn at him came.

    100 words @klingorengi

  4. Ginger Green (@Gingerandgreen) says:

    “I’ve always wanted a man who’ll rip my panties off.”

    Aaaannd my cock is so instantaneously hard, it hurts.

    “Yeah?” My voice sounds weird. We randomly came across this porn channel. I thought she’d freak, but she was actually keen.

    “Oh god, yeah. I’d be much more excited than that – look at her, he’s a freaking Adonis and she looks like she’s giving him a pity fuck.”

    What is the etiquette in these situations? I mean, do I offer? I should totally offer. Should I? I lick my dry lips, take a swig of beer, attempt to surreptitiously adjust myself. I’m thinking real hard here. I reckon it shows.

    She shifts towards me; her eyes are glued to my groin, I kid you not.

    “Did you ever do that?” she asks, all doe-eyed and innocent-like.

    “What, rip a girl’s lingerie? Or the handcuffs and blindfold thing?”

    She leans in close, I can see her perky tits down her top. “Do you want to do that with me?”

    Hell yeah.

    I curl my finger, calling her closer. My lips are almost at her ear, and I breathe the words I think she wants to hear: “Strip. Leave your panties on.”

    200 words again.

  5. The Newbie

    She was new to the scene, and had no idea of all the terminology, or what she may be getting herself into.

    Greg quickly picked her out to be his at the ‘special party’, and offered to be gentle.
    -So he said.

    He led her up to a bedroom, snapped on the cuffs, blindfold her, but took his time,
    teasing the top of her pussy lightly with his fingers, and through her panties.

    Her breath quickened.
    She began to ache for it, wetter by the second with anticipation, but he was making her wait.

    “You want me to fuck you?” he whispered.

    “Yes, please.”

    “Beg. Beg me to fuck you.”

    “I need your cock. I need the release- I can’t take it!” she said squirming a bit, her hands pulling at the cuffs.

    “You want me to mercy fuck you bad girl?”

    “YES, please….take me however you want me. I’ll do what ever you want.”

    “That’s a good girl….”

    As he started to pull off the black silk panties she moaned in anticipation, glad she had walked through the door into this foreign den of unknown pleasures she knew awaited her….

    Words: 194

  6. He took her the way that she liked it, back when they were just playing and times were easier. When it was just them and a blindfold, some cuffs, sometimes a whip. Old friends, really.

    Pressing down on her knees and grabbing her panties, he eased himself inside slowly. Her groan vibrated around his cock as her wet folds sucked him in. Memories swamped him. Her, naked on an old sofa, begging him to fuck her harder. Her hands, scratching his back and her luscious moth, closing around his cock. She was always so greedy, so ready.

    The jeans below his hips started chafing her thighs as he increased his speed, conjuring up their past.

    When her exquisite body keened off the bed to take more of him, he gasped. How could her husband not give her what she needed? He almost felt pity for this man, this stranger, who did not understand her.

    ‘More’, she panted.

    He stretched down to draw her panties over her swollen clit and she shuddered in response. Grabbing her hips, he knew this would not be last time she came around him tonight.

    189 @ClaraFarnell

  7. Small Mercy’s
    By Lisa McCourt Hollar

    It was a mercy fuck, at least that’s what Andrea tried to tell herself. Truth was she’d often imagined what it would be like to screw a geek. Now, blindfolded and handcuffed to the headboard, she was enjoying every minute of the fuckery. She wondered if she should tell Gloria about this.

    Michael’s hands reached down, his fingers exploring her in a way Gerald never had. Andrea thrust her hips up to meet his touch. In her mind she imagined the guy that lived across the hall from her. Dark hair, his skin bronzed, he was every woman’s fantasy.

    “Oh God, that feels so good,” she said, when Michaels fingers found her special spot, pushing against it and sending spasms throughout her body. He withdrew his hand, replacing it with his cock, hard and larger than she’d expected. Andrea thrilled as he entered her. His hand slipped back, this time pushing the finger into another opening. Andrea gasped at the invasion, excited by his touch.

    “You’re beautiful,” he whispered, his words rushed.

    Andrea frowned. Michael’s unnaturally high voice was killing her mood. “Shhh, don’t talk,” she said, trying to get the image of her Greek god back in her mind.

    Word Count: 200

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