Sinful Sunday Week # 8 Results

Yesterday’s entries were all excellent! Thank you all for writing!

Judge Allison says:

It all looks so EASY when you aren’t the one judging. The entries were amazing this week, and I loved reading each one to see how different everyone’s approach to the prompt was. After much agonizing…


The Week 8 winner is:


RR Kovar with Reunion


I loved how much you were able to make the story jump right out of the picture, from the two of them as children to them as adults. I was able to picture lives of two entire people from just a glimpse of a picture and a few hundred words, with details like the freckles and their childhood playing doctor. It was crazy sexy without even having sex.


Two Honorable Mentions:


Shari Slade with Home for the Holidays


I’m a sucker for the “We Aren’t What We Used To Be” stories, and this one had it all: the chance meeting, the carrying of the torch, the desire even though bodies might not be as firm as thy were ten years earlier …


Susan Hayes with The Elevator


This selection is a little selfish on my part; it was close to the first thing I thought of when I saw the prompt: a couple at the end of an evening watching themselves in an elevator mirror. This story used daylight hours and added in the boss dynamic to the elevator for a little more eyebrow waggling fun, but I loved the play in such a short span of words. Was it fate or choice?


I wish I had the time to comment on all of them; there was so much good stuff and I wish I could have chosen them all!

Congratulations to our winners! You may now grab your buttons! See you all next week!

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