Sinful Sunday Week # 8

Welcome back to Sinful Sunday. As someone who was deeply affected by hurricane Sandy, my thoughts go out to all of you who were as well. Our judge this week is last week’s winner, Alison Winchester!

Alison is a part-time writer, full-time nerd. She has multiple publishing credits with respectable journals that would cringe if they read her fiction. When she’s not reading scifi or fantasy-themed erotica, she’s probably reading fan fiction, watching web series, or plotting her next tattoo. By day, she’s a wild-mannered freelance writer and editor wielding a mighty red pen, or at least a mean backspace key. She begrudgingly uses Twitter, and you can also find her on Tumblr. You can see her next in the anthology GEEK LOVE, coming this month from Stone Box Press.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out! You must use both the photo prompt and word prompt in some way. The  minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!

Word prompt:

Kismet: Fate; fortune.  ETYMOLOGY: Turkis from the Arabic quisma(t) , fate, destiny.

Photo prompt:


Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flashfiction in! Come on and get a little sinful!


  1. When he opened his eyes, he was lying on a smooth floor, making out nothing but light above him.

    What strange card had fate dealt him now? Where was the street, the car he had just driven? Was he dreaming? His last memory was hazy- an abrupt movement… He’d been on the way to his office.

    Only now he saw the woman standing next to him. She was beautiful- soft frame and slender limbs. Immediately drawn to her, he shook his head and got up to clear the hazy perception of what was going on.

    When she reached for his hand, he took her fingers into his. The feeling of arousal was immediate and shocking. He gasped.

    ‘What is… ‘ he tried to ask, but when she leaned up on tiptoes to kiss him, it seemed that nothing else mattered anymore.

    Her hands guided him to her soft cotton shirt and he greedily sucked the soft flesh of her throat into his mouth. His stubble scratched her delicate skin and she moaned under his touch, drawing him even closer.

    It was only when he sunk into her wetness, feeling the bliss, he understood.

  2. julie devenport says:

    He was here again; the dream always started the same, the electric touch of his hand on her back as he slowly ran it around her waist, and the scrape of his shadowed jaw as he ran it slowly down her neck, giving teasing, and nipping bites. He swirled his tongue erotically over her, just before he drew the soft, tender skin between his lips.

    ‘Oh sweet destiny’ she groaned as his hand slowly rose up to cup her breast through her top, tweaking her budded nipple she tried to turn around, her own arm rising above her head to pull his mouth down to hers. His face just coming into focus, a deep rumble of pleasure then…

    ‘Beep, beep, beep…… ‘ his smiling sinful, full mouth, square shadowed jaw, just came into focus as the mist started to lift and he vanished with it, as the alarm woke her up

    (word count 151)

  3. Home for the Holidays

    An hour ago, their grocery carts collided near the cranberries. Now, one awkward dinner invitation later, she gasped as he ran his open mouth over the nape of her neck. In her childhood bedroom.

    He exposed her shoulder, cupped her breast. “We’re so good together.”

    “This is a bad idea.”

    “It’s kismet.”

    Her breath hitched as he re-discovered a sensitive spot at the inward dip of her waist. Lingering there, he traced a maddening pattern, before claiming her mouth. The thrust of his tongue a counterpoint to the swipe of his thumb over her hardened nipple.

    He sucked the delicate skin below her ear and whispered, “I never stopped wanting you.”

    Hooking her fingers into his belt loops, she pulled his pelvis against her ass. His hard cock throbbed behind denim, larger than she remembered. “I’m not the same as I was ten years ago.”

    “Neither am I.”

    “I mean, my body…” She pulled away.

    Pinning her arms to her sides, he ground, hard, against her. “Do you feel that? What you still do to me? You can’t fight fate.”

    Released, surrendering, she tore off her shirt and tossed it across the room. “Happy Thanksgiving.”

    (word count 200)

  4. Safe Harbors

    The smoke, the wine, millions of Euros exchanging hands on the fate of a card, this was Monte Carlo and Emily had locked eyes with Stavros Onassis. Like most shipping magnates Stavros had his pick on anything and everything he wanted in the female variety. His interest would not be easy to hold, but her glance had received a stare in return. He was a beautiful man, a bit unshaven; eyes of the Aegean Sea, his chin reminded her of the white cliffs of Alamanou beach.

    That is how it had begun and now his waves were crashing upon her shore, his fingers moved her dress and his breath drifted over her like a comfortable blanket. She would give him all of her, for that was her kismet there were things she hated about working for the Chinese, but this was not one of them. Stavros would fulfill her needs and pictures would be taken and leverage would be gained but God she was going to enjoy every inch of this man about to fuck his way into her employer’s hands.

    Word count 181

  5. She watches their reflection in the mirror, watches as his lips brush along her neck, painting her skin with unspoken promises. His fingers grip the top of her shirt, pulling down until her breast is exposed. His other hand reaches around her waist, slides down her bare stomach, slips underneath her panties. He exhales a hot breath into the nape of her neck when he feels how wet she is.

    Let him think this is a lucky coincidence. She doesn’t believe in kismet. She knows better.

    Everything to do with him is planned.

    He lifts his head and catches her eyes in the mirror, but she chastises him. This is not in the plan. Not today.

    “No. I don’t want to see your face. Just your hands. Show me what your hands can do.”

    With a groan, he drops his forehead onto her shoulder and gets to work.

    He executes her plan to a tee.

    155 words

  6. The elevator lurched to a stop and Anna stumbled backward, right into the solid wall of muscle and sin that was her boss, Matt. He steadied her, but instead of letting her go she felt his arms strong slide around her, holding her close.

    “We seem to be stuck.” She knew she was stating the obvious, but it was the only thing she could think to say.

    “Mhmm.” She felt his breath fanning over her hair and tried not to think about how sexy he was, and how many times had she fantasized about him.

    “ Shouldn’t we call someone to get us out of here?”

    “Do you want out, Anna? I’m not sure I do.” He pressed an open mouthed kiss to her neck, his tongue flicking at her skin. “ I’ve waited a long time for this.”

    She bit back a moan as she felt his hands cup her breast and tease the fabric of her top down over her shoulder. He nipped lightly at her newly bared skin and her breath caught in her throat. Maybe this was kismet. Then she saw the stop button on the panel flashing and she knew it wasn’t fate. It was Matt’s choice.

    200 words

  7. @MichelaWalter
    200 words

    His lips whispered across my shoulder, sending sparks shooting across my sensitive skin. Stephan’s hands tugged on the sleeve of my shirt, sending the neckline further down my arms, until it was almost around my waist.
    “This feels a lot like Kismet, doesn’t it?” His hot breath cascaded across my cheek, reminding me once again how right we were for one another.
    Tugging me back, we both landed on the bed, me sitting awkwardly across his lap. I tried to move, but he held me tight, nipping my earlobe, his hand cupping the heavy weight of my breast.
    “Stay,” he murmured, his other hand lifting the bottom of my skirt so my bare bottom was resting on top of his jean clad erection.
    “Unzip it, and put me in. I know you’re ready.” His fingers grazed over my clit, my head falling back against his shoulder.
    I shimmied my hips forward enough to reach around to release his cock from the confines of his pants. Spreading some of my juices onto his tip, I sank down fully, relishing in the fullness only he could provide.
    At the urging of his hands, my hips rhythmically moved, sending us both into ecstasy.

  8. Ginger Green (@Gingerandgreen) says:

    He says, “Your skin tastes like pearls. And silk.”

    His mouth on my neck is – I have no words to describe the sensation, the connection, the relief. Hot breath; smooth, wet tongue; lips that suck the pleasure from my toes all the way up my body, exploding like kismet under his caress.

    Meant to be, hums my pulse. This one, this one, this one, thuds my heart. Nothing is simple in my life.

    “Tell me to stop,” he says as he slips his hands under my clothing. “I know this is wrong, I know what you must think.”

    I freeze. “No.”

    He stills, one hand under my bare breast, the other gripping my hip. “No?”

    I spin to face him, and his troubled eyes unflinchingly engage my fierce ones. Fear, like gravity, makes his arms fall away from me. I am Eve; original sin; I can burn you, Human Rights Lawyer.

    “Don’t begin to assume you know what I think. I’ve denied myself food, water, freedom – but I want your hands on my skin, your lips on my breasts and your cock buried deep inside me. Please…”

    His groan of acquiescence heats my womb beyond endurance.

    198 words by @Gingerandgreen

  9. Reunion

    When they were little, he’d teased Sasha about her carrot-red hair and freckles.

    Karma is such a bitch.

    She leaned against the wall, auburn curls swept into knot, sweater falling over one shoulder to reveal her long neck and sinfully tempting collar bone. He wished for nothing more than to let his tongue play connect the dots with freckles he’d once maligned, while his fingers explored her fine skin.

    She smiled at him as if sensing his arousal, then turned to reveal a deliciously toned ass as she stalked to the bar. Normally, he’d pursue without hesitation, but this was not his usual quarry. He took a second to think before approaching her.

    It did him no good at all.

    “Jason Stillwater.” Her rich voice was his undoing. “This must be kismet.”

    “Welcome back, Sasha.”

    “So, you remember me.”

    “When we were kids…”

    “…we never finished playing doctor. That’s what you mean to say, right?”

    He swallowed his apology.

    “No time like the present.”

    She led. He followed. Mouths locked, she fumbled the door open and kicked it closed behind them.

    “Now,” she said, “you’re all mine.”

    For the first time in his life, Jason Stillwater was the one taken.

  10. Stand
    By Lisa McCourt Hollar

    Cupping her breast, Josiah pulled Rachel to him, his mouth hovering above her neck. He felt her stiffen against him, her heart pulsing beneath his hand, beating in rhythm to his own. He knew he should stop; she was betrothed to his brother, their marriage set for the next day.

    He had only meant to look in, her muffled tears as he’d walked past her door had broken his heart. The black eye Darian left after her last escape attempt looked bad. She would wear a veil during the ceremony. He hated how his brother treated her like property.

    Sighing, Rachel relaxed against him, her hand reaching for the bulge straining against his jeans. They made love quietly, her gentle murmurs breathed into his ear urging him to plunge deeper with each thrust. When they were finished, the blood on the sheets was evidence of what he had taken.

    “I’m glad it was you,” she said. “He can force me to marry him, but he can’t have that.”

    Making up his mind, Josiah opened the door and looked down the hall. It was time to take a stand. Stepping outside he held out his hand. “He can’t have you either.”

    Word Count: 200

  11. The Playground

    She had stayed dressed in hopes it would put forth the message, “You can just sleep in my bed tonight.”
    But this boundary she really wanted to push.

    Lying on her back, he curled his body around hers, his nose nestling her neck, her fingers finding their way through his hair.

    “Mmmm, that feels so good. How do you know I like that?”
    “Because I like it,” she whispered.

    His lips brushed her neck, while he pulled away the grey fabric exposing more of her shoulder, moans acknowledging her approval.

    Moving up over her body, he continued undressing her in pieces, but then pulling her top back up/down.
    Pants pushed down, pulled back up.
    Driving her mad.
    Becoming more excited, she could barely stand it, but at the same time loving the game.

    Not sure if fate had played a part in their first meeting, she knew this situation was by design, having fought to make the trip to this city at the same time she knew he’d be here.
    Her panties were ruined with excitement from the hours of play, but as if crack, all she could think of was their next encounter…

    Words: 200

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