Sinful Sunday Week # 9

Welcome back to Sinful Sunday. Our judge this week is last week’s winner, Rebecca Kovar!

Rebecca writes paranormal romance and short, dark fiction populated by deliciously twisted people. Her secret identity involves being a dedicated champion of equal rights and ethics, the latter of which her fictional characters skirt with alarming regularity. She also reviews books along with the other opinionated women at Bookshelf Bombshells.   You can follow her on Twitter @rrkovar and read her short fiction at Push Comes to Shove.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out! You must use both the photo prompt and word prompt in some way. The  minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!

Word prompt:

Succubus1. A medieval term for an evil spirit or demon who assumes the form of a woman and is supposed to lie under sleeping people, particularly sleeping men, and have sexual-intercourse with them. Its male counterpart is known as incubus. Plural: succubi. Humorously defined by Roger Mellie in Roger’s Profanisaurus (1998) as: ‘ A phantom night-time cock-sucker once thought to be responsible for nocturnal emissions .’ (I do enjoy Roger’s version.) 2. The person who assumes the bottom or passive position in sexual-intercourse .

Photo prompt:


Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flashfiction in! Come on and get a little sinful!


  1. Jezabel sensed his erotic dreams as she drifted in the ether, and her instincts had guided her to him like a shark drawn to the scent of blood. He was beautiful, his skin a study in light and shadow as the moonlight played over his naked body.

    She could already imagine the way his lust would taste: sweeter than honey and headier than any drug. He moaned in his sleep and his hips bucked against the mattress, reminding her why she was here. She slipped into his dreaming mind and found herself in a world of silken sheets and restraining chains that bound his arms and left him helpless. A host of faceless women surrounded him, their mouths and hands teasing and touching but never offering him the release he craved.

    She took the form of one of the women tormenting him, weaving herself into his dreams even as she manifested her physical body beneath his. Dream and reality blended into one as her lips brushed over his. He groaned with need and she parted her thighs, inviting him into the swollen heat of her pussy. He drove himself balls deep and she sighed in bliss. He tasted so good.

    200 words

  2. I have fallen in love with a myth, a creature that only appears in dreams. Her hair is dark and eyes are blue, her whispers smell of vanilla. She has tiny wings and her flesh sings a song I long to dance too. She told me in a dream she would be mine if only I bound my wrists before closing my eyes. I asked her why and she put her fingers upon my lips and I cannot help but obey. So here I lay bound and naked waiting for her call. My eyes grow heavy and I drift into her sleeping arms. She awakes as I sleep and kisses my cares away. My cock it swells passion wells and love is made in dreams.

    My eyes they open and I am alone the scent of vanilla upon the air. My sheets are wet for her ethereal body cannot hold my seed, my pillow is wet from tears I shed as I realize a waking succubus is something I really need.

    word count 171

  3. His breath hitched when he saw the shackles waiting for him on the bed. This was new; they had only played with scarves and belts before.

    She stepped behind him to push his body onto the white covers. His cock came down on the fabric, hard and he gasped at the sudden friction.

    ‘Hands behind your back.’

    The command sounded husky and her hands shook just a little bit as she drew his palms closer together. He loved that this turned her on just as much as him. When the cuffs finally touched his wrists, he sighed.

    Sometimes he thought of her as his sex-crazed dream, sneaking into his life and ravishing his entire being like his personal succubus. She knew what he liked better than he did- fantasies became flesh at her command.

    She pressed his torso down onto the mattress, legs spread and ass barely. He couldn’t help himself but turn around then, looking at her as she lubed the small dildo. Breasts spilling over her black corset, her dark hair framing her face, she seemed like a vision out of an old book.

    When she leaned down to press into him, he groaned in despair and ecstasy.

    200 words

  4. Gingerandgreen says:

    Is there something wrong with me? In the middle of an exciting role-play with my beautiful boy, my mind turns to darker imaginings. As though the sharp lines of his muscled back, the succulent cheeks of his exposed ass, the helplessness of his cuffed posture are not enough to harden my cock.

    In my head, I saved Jared from a succubus. The evil creature stripped him; trussed and chained him, and was about to sink her talons into his sweet flesh, when I tore him away.

    He is so grateful for my protection, he lies prostrate, begging me to have my wicked way.

    Safe in my Batcave, I am eager to test him. I strip off imaginary superhero garb, and place my large hands on the cheeks of his ass, kneading and stretching his flesh.

    I’m mixing my fantasies. I should be a vampire slayer, not Batman. I wish my mind would still.

    I bend down, press my body over his. I twist his neck to turn his face, and kiss my helpless boyfriend hard. He grinds himself into me, moaning into my demanding mouth, while I wonder what he’s thinking.

    I’m glad he can’t read my mind.

    198 words by @Gingerandgreen

  5. “Can I see you again?”

    “Maybe,” I said, pushing him out the door. My words were vague, but my eyes implied otherwise.

    Tonight isn’t like the last time. Tonight his hands are restrained. Tonight is my turn to touch.

    He’s naked, face down on my bed. Wrists cuffed, arms behind his back. He struggles with his bonds; I lean over and lick the indents the chains leave in the flesh of his lower back.

    Without a word, I disrobe and lay my body on top of his. I part my legs, grind against him. He lifts his hips and I reach around, squeeze his cock, stroke him to the precipice. Before he climaxes, I climb off and help him to his knees. I slide between his spread legs and lie on my back, a succubus in waiting. He towers over me, hands still bound. Captive, yet commanding.

    I grab hold of him again, work him into a frenzy. He grits his teeth and comes on my chest.

    “Take these off,” he begs. “Let me touch you.”

    His plea strikes a chord in me, so I nod my consent. I alter my plan.

    “Your mouth—I want to feel your mouth.”

    200 words

  6. The Dilemma
    By Lisa McCourt Hollar

    “Isn’t this interesting?”

    Trevor glanced over his shoulders, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. “A little help please.”

    “Why should I?” Caroline taunted him, moving across the room so that he had to strain to catch a glimpse of her. The sun shone in the window and he squinted at her form silhouetted against the window.

    “So I can properly tell you I’m sorry.”

    “Oh I can see that.” Her hand brushed against his bum . “What was her name?”

    “I don’t remember. Some vixen with red hair, not quite the succubus you are, but she had her charms.”

    “Until she left you here handcuffed. Were you planning on staying here the rest of the day, face down in your shame?” He felt the weight of her body as she straddled him, her fingers teasing his rectum.

    “Not exactly in the position to call for help.”

    “True… true. What to do.”

    “I have a few suggestions…”

    “Shut up, I’m thinking.” She slapped his ass. Trevor moaned with pleasure as the sting reverberated through his body, his cock hardening. He loved when she played rough. Lifting up she helped him roll over, her tongue finding his need.

    Word Count: 199

  7. “Give me your trust, Chayse, and I will be your servant.”

    He snorted with mild derision. “You’ll be my servant?” He rattled the chains. “How does that work?”

    Aislynn chuckled and caressed his shoulders with light fingers. Arousal surged and he squirmed.

    “Don’t you know, Chayse? The sub always has control. The Domme is only serving his needs. In truth, you own me.”

    “I own you?”

    “Yes, by paying me with your trust, I become your slave.”

    Chayse raised his gaze to the succubus, studying her beautiful face. Her expression filled with honesty, strength and compassion, and his skepticism turned to belief.

    “Goddess help me, I believe you.” He took a deep breath. “I will submit to you.”

    “Mistress,” she prompted.


    The brilliance of her smile hardened his cock and she patted his ass before her fingers slid between his cheeks and stroked his balls. Electric pleasure flooded his brain and made him gasp, tightening all the muscles of his body.

    “Tonight you’re mine, Chayse. Do you understand?”

    “Yes, Mistress.”

    “Very well.” Her whispered words tickled his buttocks just before she licked his sac between his spread legs, and Chayse succumbed to her seductive magic.

    196 #WIP500 words

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