Spring Cleaning

So, I didn’t make my March goal. Don’t get me wrong—I haven’t been procrastinating. I’ve been writing, nearly every day actually, in an attempt to reach another goal: finish my manuscript before the May date to sign up for agent and editor appointments for July’s R.W.A. conference. Every day, I inch a little bit closer to that aspiration, but I’ve found my time filled up with so much extra stuff that I decided it was time to do a little spring cleaning.

For many, spring cleaning brings about images of shaking out dusty carpets over balconies, emptying cramped cabinets and opening up windows that have been shut tight for the winter. Living in upstateNew York, where, believe it or not, we actually have snow forecasted for this week, that’s not quite in the cards yet. While I do feel the compulsion to reorganize everything from my pantry to my Pinterest boards, hoard copies of Better Homes and Gardens and carry my label-maker around in my back pocket, it’s a different kind of spring cleaning that needs to be done. I need to clean out the cobwebs in my head.

Cue the intro to Thriller.

But seriously, after six months of winter (because up here, it does feel like half the year) I’ve gotten cooped up in my head a bit. I’ve given myself reasons why I can’t get things done by listing all the other crap I “have to” do. And I’m never going to get anywhere if I keep doing that. I’m never going to reach that elusive goal of getting published if I keep making my ironing more of a priority than my writing. So for the last three days, I have made working on my manuscript my top priority. I’ve canceled all plans and sequestered myself in my office. I’ve made a word count goal for myself, and I haven’t stopped since.

Other to write this blog post, that is.

So if any of you are feeling ready to rid your minds of the gloomy things that have been holding you back since the leaves started to fall, join me. Shove back the curtains, and let a little sunshine and fresh air in. I’ll check in with you in May.

Happy April, everyone.


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