On Deadlines, the News, and Why Romance Still Matters

I have a book due in twelve days. I’m on my fifth revision, and I’m not finished yet. I’ve thrown my back out from being hunched over the computer ten hours a day, had more panic attacks, and eaten more chocolate than I care to admit. And all that seems so meaningless, so trivial, when […]

On Deadlines, Real Life, and Being Overwhelmed

Suddenly, I’m insanely busy.  Ridiculous, frantic, to-do-list-carrying, don’t-have-a-free-weekend-until-next-month kind of busy. Between my three part-time jobs, real life obligations and a kind of necessary dedication to sleep every once in a while, I don’t have the time I want to spend writing. And with the deadlines I have for that as well (albeit some self-imposed), […]