Sinful Sunday Week #6 Results

Thanks so much to everyone who participated yesterday. I really love seeing what you all come up with! Now, on to the results… Judge Clara says: Honorable Mentions: @jezri1 I really liked the dynamic between the characters. @klingorengi You captured the true rapture of submission beautifully. Winner: @antonioangelo21: I like my sex with a bit […]

Sinful Sunday Week #6

Welcome back! This week’s judge is Clara Farnell! Clara has been addicted to erotic fiction for more than ten years, first working her way through fanfiction and then into general erotic romance. She especially enjoys reading and writing about power play and seduction, and lives in an old mill in northern England. Photo prompt: Word […]

Five Minute Fiction Week 122

October third was a Friday. The day that I met Sam. I didn’t know then it was also the day that he died. It seems impossible now to think of. It is impossible that a man so full of life, so full of passion, could have his final breaths stolen from him before he was […]

Thursday Threads Week 42

‘Everything’s going to be okay.’ Elaine reads the words over and over again, black against white on the screen in front of her. She tries to taste every letter. Rub her fingers over them. Hear them in her mind in the soft, deep cadence of his voice she’s only heard over the phone. ‘I don’t […]

Fifty Five Word Challenge Week 30

Honorable Mention: Sunlight. Graham can almost see it though the spires of disease that bristled at his flesh, breaking him down until he was crawling through leaves on the mottled floor. He doesn’t hear Layla whisper, “Don’t leave me.” Her words hush with the dense wood of cancer he leaves behind, floating away until he […]

Sinful Sunday Week #2

It’s week two of the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest! If you’re not familiar with the rules of this contest, make sure to check them out first here! Our judge this week is last week’s winner, Jen DeSantis! Jen DeSantis is a horror and paranormal author who lives with her husband just outside of Philadelphia. […]