Thursday Threads Week 27

She follows him off the bus, dragged behind by an invisible tether. She catches his eye long enough to see him smirk.

That grin, that wicked stare – she thought she was finished with them, that they would never wield that power over her again.

And yet, here she is.

She only agreed to come here to talk. That was all he asked for. But she knows they will barely talk at all. She knows what will happen once they are inside, with no barrier between them but the silence of their unspoken need.

She hates herself for wanting it so badly.

The porch groans under their weight, front door peeling open and coughing out the scraping creak she remembers so well.

He pauses for a breath – it’s her last chance to turn away.

She doesn’t.

Compelled by memory and want, she walks past him and up the dark stair. She doesn’t even turn around when she hears him shut the door.

The ground sways beneath her feet – her knees and resolve bending under the frantic heat between their bodies as he closes the distance between them.

“I will have you again. It’s only a matter of time.”

She wants to protest – she should. She’s still more than half broken from the last time. But then his fist closes around a coil of her hair, his breath hot and sinful at her ear, and she is lost.

“That didn’t take long,” he chuckles, and leads her into the bedroom.

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