Thursday Threads Week 30

Music wafted up the stairs. Pachabel’s Canon. The warm breeze that carried it was colored with the scent of hibiscus and rain. Rain on her wedding day. Wasn’t that supposed to be good luck, somehow?

She clutched the bouquet in trembling fingers, wet palms clinging to it instead of the gauzy film of her gown. Her father extended an arm, leading her down to the garden, but then she saw him, and stopped.

A halo of gold on his locks of onyx, made brighter by the sun. Tanned skin stretched over muscle. Hazel eyes, drenched in pain.

She always loved those eyes. She wondered if the child growing inside her would bear them, too.

“Tell me I’m not giving my life away for nothing,” she whispered to her father as he led her away to a different man, who stood waiting at the end of an aisle covered in flowers. A man who could give her a life and a home.

Her father didn’t answer.

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