Thursday Threads Week 31

“I wish we could stay here,” Jeannie murmured.

Tom only looked down at her in reply, a dip of his chin to where she lay with her head cradled in his lip. But Jeannie wasn’t looking at him. Her eyes were trained on the halo of blue arcing over their heads, and the paper-thin clouds playing hide-and-go-seek with the sun.

“I wish we didn’t have to go back.”

He sighed, leaning back on palms anchored into the carpet of lush green, and the comforting smiles of dandelions that spread out beneath them. Back home there were responsibilities and chores. There was family.

And waiting for them back there were a thousand different reasons why they couldn’t be together.

Jeannie plucked a flower from the earth and held it to her lips. She whispered a soft prayer and then kissed the tendrils of white with her breath, freeing them from the stem that held them captive and scattering off into the winds.

“Tell me my wish came true?” she entreated, a tear slipping down her face.

Tom lifted a hand and brushed a calloused knuckle over the silky pale of her cheek.

“I’ll tell you whatever you wish to hear.”

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