Thursday Threads Week 46

It’s a game he liked to play. To send me out on dates, to see how well his little pet could spin her web, seducing prey she had no interest in.

“So what do you do?”

My date looked at me with hopeful eyes from across the table. I found him on Match. I’d already forgotten his name.

“I’m in publishing.” I kept my answers as broad as possible. It was easier that way. When I left. “Assistant to a VP.”

“Sounds exciting.”

I look up to tell him that, no, really, it isn’t, but his grin is eclipsed. Over his shoulder, lurking by the windows, I see Him. Hands on his hips. Eyes blazing. He’s sin personified. And tonight he looks so happy with me.

“So,” the date begins, leaning closer to me. He’s a bug who needs to be squashed. “Any chance you have an opening for a boyfriend?”

My gaze flickers back to the window. He’s already left. But I know where He’s waiting for me.

“Sorry, that job’s taken.”

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