Totally gnarly: ’90s PLAYLIST is available now!

With hubs and me, there are four bands that it’s considered sacrilege to turn off when they come on the radio: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Līve and Stone Temple Pilots. Grunge music, flannel shirts and purple Doc Martens–that’s the stuff of my youth, and when the opportunity came my way to write a story based in the 90s, I binged watched My So Called Life looking for inspiration…

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…and voila: Rory Stone was born. She’s a hard-as-nails heroine with a soft spot for grunge and poetry, and meeting indie singer James Griffith tests her mettle in ways Rory never imagined. Want to know more about James? The lovely Karen Booth interviewed him for one of her super fun Rock and Roll High School interviews.



There’s five other fabulous stories in this anthology too, written by Brighton Walsh, Amy Jo Cousins, Audra North, Jennifer Blackwood and Lorelie Brown. And the best part? It’s only $0.99! So grab your totally awesome copy today!

B&N: coming soon!


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