Tuesday Tales Week 72

Honorable Mention. Judge H.L. Pauff says:

Edgy, vivid and wonderfully written. More!

“Feel that?”

Jack pushes inside her, one hand on her thigh, splaying her open, the other around Lilly’s waist, crushing her to him.


She feels everything. Vulnerable and safe. On display and held secret. She’s no longer function—she’s want. Depraved, degenerate, declined to some primal, ancient desire. She doesn’t know where her skin ends and his begins. Flesh stripped bare, they’re tied together, sinew and blood and bone, woven like roots from a tree.

“What do you feel?”

“You. Everywhere.”

One hand slips to her clit. The other to her throat. “Mine,” Jack hisses.

She’s lost. She’s found.


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