Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction Week # 50 Results

The results are in! Here’s what judge Louise Lewin had to say!

Thank you for your raunchy flashes, guys! It’s cliché but true; this was a really hard decision. All the entries captured the seductive nature of the prompts, so much so that I found myself fretting over how to choose. But in the end, I had to pick a winner.


I love the darkness of this flash! I felt like I was dancing along the fine line between pleasure and pain, desire and reluctance, right alongside her. She doesn’t like the guy, but she gets excited by the rough way he treats her. That back and forth motion makes it even more gritty and sexy.


I liked the fact we got to know the woman, she wasn’t just an elusive figure. You gave us a glimpse into who she was, leaving me pondering her motives. I loved the power and self-assuredness she seemed to have; it made her sexy, and consequently so was the flash.

Honourable Mention: @MadiMerek

The power she holds over this man is palpable; he’s with her despite the fact she’s married, even helping set a trap for her husband. The sexiness is elusive and veiled in this flash, but it still comes across powerfully, which really impressed me.

Honourable Mention: @smalltownchica

Almost every sentence had me asking a question I desperately wanted answered, and the level of intrigue and danger was sexy in itself. You created such a wonderful story in such a few words, a flash that had me longing for more.

Runner-up: @JamiDeniseO

Hot, raw, primal lust was screaming at me from this one. Your words made me really feel his hatred for desiring her so much, his inability to resist … and his need to punish her for how he had been ‘ensnared’ in her web. I was pulled in right along with him!

Winner: @Melfin80

Poetry isn’t usually my thing, but this was just brilliant. It made me feel like I was right there in the moment, watching every seductive move they made. Repeating stanzas at the beginning and end were perfect; they had me ‘ensnared’ in the poem. Beautiful and sexy at the same time.


Great job everyone! The winners may now grab their badges! Thanks to everyone who participated!




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