Allen does an amazing job of blending a hot and heavy BDSM story with an unforgettable romance.

This is how erotic romance should be written.

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  • His Contract
    ( Book 1)

    His Contract

    MayDecember ForbiddenRomance DaddyDom

    Lawyers know when to play by the rules…and when to break them. Harvard law professor Jack Archer once balanced his professional life with the private world of dominance, surrender, and trust he shared with his wife....

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  • Her Claim
    ( Book 2)

    Her Claim

    EnemiesToLovers SecretRomance HateSex

    She’s no princess. He’s no prince. Then again, they never wanted a fairy tale. Cassie Allbright takes no prisoners. A half Cuban ball-busting attorney, she’s too tough to admit what she wants in bed. But tough is the only way to...

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  • Their Discovery
    ( Book 3)

    Their Discovery

    MarriageOnTheRocks BetaHero Femdomme

    Exploring their fantasies could save their marriage…or push it over the edge Samantha Archer's life has hit a wall. Her world is housework, homework and reminding her husband—the biggest kid in the family—to help out at home....

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  • The Party
    ( Book 1.5)

    The Party

    Cocktails Frenemies IHateYouIWantYou

    Cassie Allbright isn't looking forward to spending another night bearing witness to more of Patrick Dunham's playboy ways. And she doesn't really give a crap about Jack’s birthday. But she’d agreed to show up tonight, and...

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  • The Club
    ( Book 2.5)

    The Club

    StripClub NightClub RelationshipInTrouble

    Sam hasn’t had a night out in ages. A night at a strip club might not fix a thing, but maybe she’ll feel desired again, even if it isn’t by her husband. Brady doesn’t love dance clubs, but it’s their friends' birthday...

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