The Virgin Award

Flash fiction: a style of fictional literature or fiction of extreme brevity

Sinful: 1. Horny; dealing with all thoughts of sex and its fantastic acts. 2. Doing naughty things, being bad, doing something that society sees as bad or wrong, being evil, not caring, committing a sin.

Virgin: A person who has never experienced sexual-intercourse.  Synonyms: canned-goods; cherry (boy/girl); first-timer; innocent (boy/girl); jewel; hymen-ally-challenged; inexperienced (boy/girl); intact; unplucked; undamaged goods; undeflowered.

Sometimes there’s nothing so appealing as a virgin. Perfectly untouched. Wide eyes. Trembling hands. All that untapped, curious, sexual energy. A blank canvas, ready to be taken and marked. Are you a flash fiction virgin? Shy and unsure, looking over these prompts but not certain if the time is right for you to take the plunge? Well then, your timing is perfect, because today I’m announcing the Sinful Sunday #flashfiction contest Virgin Award.

What is this award? It’s for first-time participants, only. What do you get for your bravery? A sweet little Virgin Award badge that you can proudly post wherever you like, and of course, congratulations from the judges and seasoned players. So if you’re up for the challenge, check out the Sinful Sunday flash fiction contest rules. Take a peek at some of the previous contest entries. And when the clock strikes midnight every week on Sunday EST, get ready to come out and play. 😉

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