One town.
Three romances.
Five tales of rebellious love.

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Portland Rebels: The Complete Collection

Rebel.(‘rebəl) Noun.

A person who resists rules or norms.
Defiant, disobedient. Unruly.
Subverts authority, control, or tradition.

This collection of new-adult, coming-of-age contemporary romances includes a sultry summer romance about a nerdy heroine and a reformed bad boy finding their HEA; a second-chance, friends-to-lovers, “what happens in Vegas” vacation romance; and an ugly duckling MMF ménage tale. With a heat level of scorching, each story takes place during a different season and is set in a small coastal town in southern Maine.

The Duality Principle

Sometimes opposites do way more than just attract…

Wild passion is a luxury PhD candidate Gabriella Evans can’t afford. Her career needs her complete focus. And the ridiculously sexy tattooed biker she’s seen on the streets of her small coastal town is very distracting. But giving in to her reckless, rebellious desires would be a huge mistake…right?

Connor Starks gave up his bad boy ways long ago. These days, he’ll do whatever is necessary to be a better man. But with Gabriella, everything is harder. Literally. Eventually, he’s afraid he’ll lose control. And if he does, she’d better hang on tight, because it’s going to be a rough, dirty ride…

Can these polar opposites find their way to happily ever after? Only if the ghosts of Connor’s past—the ones that refuse to stay hidden—don’t ruin everything first…


The Hierarchy of Needs

One weekend. No strings. And absolutely no falling in love.

Jamie Matthews is stuck in an epic small-town rut. Failure to launch? She’s its mascot. And don’t even get her started on Dean. Their hot one-night stand was years ago, but she’s still a sucker for his tattoos and wolfish good looks. Giving in to temptation could destroy their friendship, so she needs a way to shake him from her system once and for all.

Dean Trescott doesn’t do relationships. Especially since he’s already married to his failing family business. Jaime, with her bright future and all-kinds-of-sexy smile, is a reminder of everything he’ll never have. He needs to keep his mind—and hands—off her…until she offers him one dirty, wild, rebellious weekend.

Two days out of town. No happily ever after required. That’s the plan. Surely they can manage it without developing feelings, right?


The Theory of Deviance

If it’s dark, deviant, and wrong, why does it feel so right?

Aspiring actress Krissy Porter longs to feel normal again—to finally shed her stage fright and fear of failure. And what could be more normal than dating the sweet, gentle musician she met at her sister’s wedding? Trouble is, she’s not sure how to explain the complicated friends-with-benefits situation she has with her hetero-flexible roommate, Rafe…

Mikey Pelletier longs for a normal life, too. But as a painfully shy, closeted bisexual virgin, he’s afraid that might not be in the cards for him. Winning the gorgeous Krissy’s heart would solve a lot of his problems. If only he wasn’t equally attracted to her sexy tattooed roommate…

A week trapped together in a snowstorm will give this threesome the opportunity to indulge in their deepest, darkest, most rebellious desires. But they’ll have to slay their inner demons—and lose their fear of deviance—first…


The Spectrum of Desire

She’s all he craves. But craving sometimes comes at a cost…

Ever since Connor fell for Gabriella, the brainy, sexy mathematician who came into his world last summer, she’s been all he can think about. She’s never tried to tame him—she’s just as wild as he is—and those grey eyes of hers are the anchor he’s needed after a life of lawlessness and abandonment. Now all he needs to do is pop the question.

But Connor’s hunger for her clouds his judgment, as does the input of nearly everyone in his life. How will he know when the right moment is to ask? And if he doesn’t find it, will he ever make Gabby his for good?


The Punishment Doctrine

Facing his demons could unlock heaven for him and his lovers...or damn them all to hell.

After a week of pure deviance, Rafe, Krissy, and Mikey are giving this triad thing a shot. Sexy video chats keep them connected while Rafe crisscrosses the country in a hot-ticket musical, but nothing keeps his loneliness at bay. It doesn’t help that his current tour stop is Atlanta, scene of the privileged upbringing—and so-called therapy—that almost killed him.

Rafe is determined to face his demons, but the damaging spiritual beliefs hammered into him from childhood are spiraling back out of his past. And he’s beginning to fear his love for Krissy and Mikey could condemn them all to everlasting punishment.

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