Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction Week # 48 Results

The results are in! Here’s what judge¬†Missy had to say!

It’s been an exciting Sunday only because you ladies kept me entertained. I looked at these prompts as a real challenge and couldn’t wait to see what would come of them. I have to tell y’all how difficult judging this was, because you ladies have certainly not disappointed. Thank you so much to each of you for taking this on.

Louise Clark:
I love the plot chosen for this one. Sweet, playful and sexy.

I really enjoyed your take on this with the hidden webcam. Very fresh and unexpected. Voyeurism: I like it.

I liked the point of view, how he craved her; needed her; wept for her…or parts of him did, anyway.

Honorable Mention:
I loved the playfulness in his voice, and of course the subject matter. I also liked how you used the prompts in an understated way.

Honorable Mention:
I wasn’t expecting that at all. I loved how scared he sounded and the little twist at the end made me giggle.

Honorable Mention:
Shari Slade:
Oh my, that was hard…and not the dirty kind. I hurt for these two. Such few words, but many emotions.

Runner Up:
The few words chosen left me choked up and longing to know more, yet told a complete, heartbreaking story. A last minute entry well worth the wait.

First Place:
I loved how you took the prompts and were able to weave them into such few words that told a sweet and sexy story. You set the bar pretty high.

Great job everyone! The winners may now grab their badges! Thanks to everyone who participated, and see you all next week!




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