Sinful Sunday Week #4 Results

Judge Jeffrey says:

The stories this week were so wide-ranging and different in their approaches to the prompts it made choosing more difficult than I’d expected. Here are my purely subjective choices for recognition though:

Honorable Mentions:


Rafe Brox @etcet  There was a very flowing rhythm to this story that drew me back to consider it time and again. It missed the top spot in my book for two reasons: Firstly, I thought it could have used a touch more “heat” and secondly (and this is a personal pet peeve of mine) I thought there was room to add more depth to the story if the full word count had been used, which it was not


Lisa McCourt Hollar @jezri1  This story had a fairly balanced mixture of sexuality/sensuality and other elements that made it notable to me. It was a strong contender for the win as well, but I felt the placement of the peripheral elements of the story disrupted the opportunity to build a sustained intensity of arousal from the naughty bits.


Jen DeSantis @JenD_Author This was a VERY close call and garnered the win by being, what I considered, the most seamless blend of sensuality/sexuality and plot into a single cohesive unit. If this were an adult movie, it would be one of those that not only arouses but also entertains by having a plot/story to tell.


Thanks to everyone who participated this week! Congratulations to the winners and thanks so much to Jeff for judging! Honorable mention badges are coming soon, and I will send them out as soon as they area available! Jen, please grab your badge!



See you all next Sunday!


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